Farmers Market Report: Ferry Plaza


When hubby and I arrived in San Francisco, the first place we absolutely had to check out was the legendary Ferry Building.  Fortunately, it was less than a 10-minute walk from our hotel, and we were lucky enough to arrive on a day when the farmers market was open – score!  We picked up Peet’s Coffee, Cowgirl Creamery cheese, and sourdough from the Acme Bread Company for lunch.  Since we were staying in a hotel, we didn’t buy any fruits, other than a couple of organic apples for lunch, but I did manage to get some pictures of all that fresh California produce taunting me…


Fresh greens with beautiful color…


Eggplants of all shapes and sizes…


Peppers, peppers, as far as the eye can see…


This pile is just begging to be turned into soup…


Perfect grapes…


Jewel-like strawberries, arranged in a diamond pattern (how perfect!)…


I got a little bit Georgia O’Keeffe at the flower stand…


Checking out the farmers market was a perfect way to begin our vacation!  I don’t usually get the opportunity to eat fabulous California fruits without the carbon footprint, so this was quite a treat.  Stay tuned for more foodie (and non-foodie) sites in San Francisco, restaurant profiles, and other epicurean adventures!  We are now in the wine country and will have lots more to share when we get back…


3 thoughts on “Farmers Market Report: Ferry Plaza

  1. Hello! Love your photos of the farmers market and all your wonderful comments and recipes. You are so sweet to mention me again. I’m happy to see that the roasted shrimp inspired you…The salad looked so fresh and the colors were beautiful. Can’t wait to hear about the wine country! Enjoy! Love you! D

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