Another place I had read about on the web, Tartine also came highly recommended by a friend and co-worker of hubby’s – and he did not lead us astray.  It’s not easy to get to – we must have walked half an hour, but then again, we didn’t really know the city – and it’s a little bit difficult to spot – in fact, I walked past it.  But I think those are good things, because they separate the wheat from the chaff and make sure that everyone who makes it to Tartine, and there was a long line, really earns their breakfast.  Because man alive, what a breakfast it was.  Here’s what hubby and I shared…

Gougere with gruyere cheese and black pepper, oh yum:


Quiche with cheddar and spinach (okay, hubby ate most of this):


And the crowning glory, the Morning Buns with orange peel and cinnamon sugar:


The Morning Bun ranks up there with my favorite dishes from the vacation.  It was sticky, chewy and crispy in all the right places.  I’m definitely planning to attempt to replicate it – I think it would be perfect on Christmas morning, for instance – so stick around if you want to see some fireworks.

In addition to the items we tried, the bakery cases at Tartine were practically overflowing with goodies, some of which almost looked too beautiful to eat.  Here’s a sampling:




(Apologies for the weird shadows.  I was trying to be inconspicuous and all of these delights were behind glass.)


To sum up: YUM.


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