Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen

For our first meal in the wine country, hubby and I chose Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, one of three Napa Valley restaurants by Cindy Pawlcyn… which we had to visit because, well, Giada ate there.  Being the Food Network junkies we are, we knew that we had to order the flatbread appetizer.  Giada says.  SO…

Flatbread with three Meditteranean spreads (carrot-mint, eggplant-avocado, and turnip; hubby liked the turnip, I liked the eggplant, and we both liked the carrot):


Indian-spiced baked eggs and tomatoes:


My duck with beans:


Sorry, I didn’t get a good shot of hubby’s entree.  He had steak, though.

Campfire Pie, the highlight of the evening:


Gooey, chocolatety and marshmallowy.  You can’t go wrong unless, of course, you try to eat it by yourself.  Eating Campfire Pie is very much a team sport.  It was a very filling dinner!  Fortunately, hubby and I had worked up an appetite hiking at the Muir Woods National Monument on our way from San Francisco to the wine country.  It was breathtaking:


Cindy’s was the perfect first meal in the wine country: casual and relaxed, but still phenomenal food.  We washed it down with California Zinfandel, strolled around St. Helena and got excited for wine touring!


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