Farmers Market Report: Falls Church

Although I am very excited that hubby and I have at last bought and moved into our “forever” house, there are definitely things I miss about our condo – other than the kitchen and my stainless steel appliances, that is.  One of my favorite things about our condo was its fantastic location – an easy trip into DC, and walking distance to parks, tennis courts, bike trails and the Falls Church Farmers Market.  Hubby and I made a ritual Saturday morning trip to this market to buy fresh veggies and fruits and take in the scene.  We didn’t go every week, but we went often enough that this market felt like an integral part of our condo experience.  I’m sure I’ll find another “home” farmers market soon, but in the meantime, I’m reminiscing over some shots from our last trip to the Falls Church market.

Some of the tents set up by the vendors… in the summer, there are twice, or maybe three times as many vendors.  The winter market just has a few tents, but the vendors who come every week to bring delicious salad greens, fruits, vegetables, breads, wines and prepared foods are some of the best the market has to offer even in its crowded days:

Lovely spring blooms.  This was just a couple of weeks before Easter, and I would have been tempted if I hadn’t known that these potted plants would have to take a ride in a moving truck a week later: 

Gorgeous apples, which we have all winter long – one of the great benefits of living in a temperate area:

I’m very proud of our northern Virginia wines.  They’re getting better every year!  Hubby and I love to ride out to Loudoun County, where some of our favorite wineries are located.  We take along a picnic and have a wonderful afternoon of tasting – something we try to do a few times a year.  But it was nice that North Gate would come to us, to our own local farmers market, every week too:

Here is just one example of many vendors who bring their delicious prepared foods – soups, dips, canned and pickled items and… yes, you read this right… hot fudge sauce:

And in case the market isn’t diverting enough on its own (as if!) we even had live music from a real Virginia… cowboy?  Rock ‘n roll!

I’ve checked out a number of farmers markets since beginning to really appreciate food.  I love the opportunity they provide, to interact with the people who grow our food.  And the veggies and fruits I go home with are always fresher and more flavorful than anything I can get at the supermarket.  While I’m always up for visiting a farmers market on my travels – like the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, my very first stop in San Francisco, or the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market in West Virginia, where I got a great local cooking pamphlet and lots of honey for the hubs – I’ll never cherish any market more than my home market.  And the Falls Church Farmers Market was a great one.

2 thoughts on “Farmers Market Report: Falls Church

  1. Great pictures – I know what you mean about making farmer’s markets a big part of your weekend. I think in the last year I have been something like 49 times out of 52 – it’s such a part of the routine. I hope you like the markets near your new home 🙂

    Also, I changed my blog name – would you mind updating the info on your blogroll/google reader – thank you 🙂

    • Congrats on the new blogidentity, Val! Love the new look, banner and material. Now I’m dying to check out Cafe Green!

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