The Cotes du Rhone Wine Road

View from the terrace of our B&B in Vaison-la-Romaine, Provence.

Provence has a few standout wine regions, including Chateaunneuf-du-Pape and the Cotes du Rhone.  During our stay in Provence, hubby and I knew we wanted to see the Cotes du Rhone and try some of the region’s wines.  We’re both fans of the reds, and I am a big proponent of rose wines (they’re misunderstood and they need a friend) – and the Rhone does roses particularly well.  As it happens, not only does the Cotes du Rhone produce magnificent wines (at a great value), but it’s also insanely charming.

Vineyards of the Cotes du Rhone.


We tasted some standout Rhone reds at Domaine de Mourchon, a winery that is blending the best new technology with the most delicious traditions.

Grapes ripening on a trellis at Domaine de Mourchon.

Hillside vineyards at Domaine de Mourchon.

A little tipsy from all that fruit of the vine…

More time-standing-still charm in Le Crestet.

Col de la Chaine, a scenic overlook with a view of the Dentelles.

Pristine, peaceful Suzette.

Relaxed Gigondas.

Traveling the Cotes du Rhone wine road was quite an experience!  I’ve always liked the Rhone wines – great drinking wines for a good value – but now that I’ve seen their home terroir, I think I’ll be seeking them out much more.


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