I Try Escargots!

Messy and Hubs in Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy.

Escargots… snails… they’re a Burgundian specialty.  So much that, in other parts of France, the menus don’t just say “Escargots,” they say “Escargots du Bourgogne.”  Escargots of Burgundy.  Obviously, we needed to try them.  In Burgundy, you can order Escargots at a restaurant, but you can also buy the shells and the snails in their garlic-herb butter to prepare yourself at home.  We didn’t think our hotel would be too enthusiastic about option 2, so we decided to order them in a restaurant.

Here goes…

They arrive steaming hot, with a frightening apparatus for picking them up by the shell and a tiny fork for fishing them out.

Steeling my nerves…

Don’t let the dramatic face fool you.  I actually liked them.

We discovered another way to eat Escargots – maybe even better – at Caves Madeleine, a tiny communal-table-restaurant-and-wine-shop in Beaune.  There the chef sent out a silky smooth cassoulet of Escargots, potatoes, and a heart-stopping amount of butter.  Not something I normally eat, but dang if it wasn’t satisfying in the moment, especially after a hard day of sightseeing in Burgundy (more on that later).  And after all, when in Burgundy, do what the Burgundians do… right?

Cassoulet d’Escargots

It was an adventure, certainly.  Escargots is one of those foods that, for many people, represents “food that only fancy people eat and I find a little weird.”  But how can you go wrong with garlic and butter?  C’est delicieux!


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