Rue Cler, a.k.a. Foodie Paradise

While we were in Paris, hubby and I stayed in a cute hotel off of Rue Cler, which was one of the prettiest, most picturesque corridors in the city.  First and foremost, Paris is a city of neighborhoods – much like D.C.  Hubs and I gave great thought to which neighborhood we wanted to make our home base for our five (awesome!) days in my new favorite city.  Our guidebook (Rick Steves, which I highly recommend) suggested Rue Cler among a few other neighborhoods, and we knew almost instantly it was for us.

Rue Cler is a little street located close to many of the major sights.  It is a neighborhood where locals actually live, and staying there, you can begin to feel what it might be like to be a Parisian.  You stop for your morning cafe creme at Cafe Rousillon…

Pick up some fromage, the smellier the better…

Check out the fresh catch at the seafood market…

Browse for produce (all so fresh, amazing!) at Top Halles corner market, an offshoot of the famous Les Halles superstore…

These strawberries were to die for.  Seriously.  Best strawberries ever.

And finally, you relax with an aperitif (kir royale, anyone?) in one of the little sidewalk cafes.  Tres magnifique!

Rue Cler was the perfect neighborhood for newbies to the Paris scene.  Hubby and I felt like locals, but we were a short walk or a hop, skip and a jump on the Metro away from the major tourist attractions we wanted to hit.  Perhaps the best thing about Rue Cler was that we were just a ten minute walk from the Eiffel Tower!  We made it a ritual to pick up a Rue Cler picnic for breakfast each morning (a fresh baguette from one of the boulangeries, a wedge of Brie from the fromagerie, a pint of strawberries from Les Halles, and cafe creme from Cafe Rousillon) and walk over to the Eiffel Tower to start our days in its shadow.  It was a very, very good way to welcome another morning in Paris.  And all possible thanks to the abundance of Rue Cler.


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