Mug Shots

Is there anything in the world better than a steaming hot beverage?  Whether you’re a coffee addict, or you prefer tea as I do, or whether your poison is hot cocoa or cider… there is something indescribably satisfying about wrapping your hands around a mug full of your favorite warm drink, breathing in its aroma, and taking that first near-scalding sip.  I’ll drink tea out of any vessel, of course, but I prefer to sip from one of my own favorite mugs.  I don’t have a particularly large collection, but I like to think of it as well-curated.  Each of my mugs makes me smile, and thereby fulfills its purpose.  Want to see the lineup?  Here it is…

 This is my favorite mug.  I’m a sucker for irony, puns, and double meanings, so this cup from Urban Outfitters makes me grin every time I sip from it – which I do nearly every day.  It is my go-to tea mug for obvious reasons, and I refuse to allow it through the dishwasher for fear the cheeky design will fade.  I’m sipping Earl Grey from it now as I write this post.

 I brought this pretty little number back from England in 2008 – obviously.  I love the soft green and the cute little teacup design, and the fact that it brings me right back to London every time I drink from it.

 This is a handmade ceramic mug – one of a set of two – that was a gift from my mother-in-law Lynn a few years ago.  She is well acquainted with my love of all things handmade and robin’s egg blue.  I cherish it, and its twin, and bring them out when I’m pouring two mugs – one for me and one for a friend – or when I am in particular need of smiles.  I think of it as a cold weather mug; even though I sip tea all year round I use this mug the most in the fall and winter.  Something about it is particularly warming for me – its homemade, organic shape, perhaps, or maybe the love with which it was given.

 True dat.  I got this mug at Wegmans on a trip back to my alma mater for my fifth reunion.  It’s my favorite mug for coffee (yes, I do have coffee occasionally) although I will use it for tea from time to time as well.  It puts me in mind of gorges – duh – Libe Slope, McGraw Tower, Ives Hall, the A.D. White Library, Collegetown and all of my favorite Cornelliana.  Go Big Red!

 Love this mint green ForLife mug with its convenient steeper basket.  I got this – and its periwinkle blue brother – when I first got into drinking loose tea and needed a convenient way to steep tea at my desk at my first job out of law school.  I’ve since graduated to a Travette pot, but my ForLife mugs come in handy for chamomile tea (which clings annoyingly to the steeper basket in my Travette) and for times when I want to brew just one cup.  Okay, that’s not often, but they are useful.

 I got this mug at Walt Disney World when I was a kid and it’s been a favorite ever since.  I’ve loved Winnie-the-Pooh as long as I can remember.  My little Pooh mug is perfect for small cups of cocoa (which is a beverage I can’t do in quantity – too sweet) or the Celestial Seasonings teas that remind me of my childhood (a.k.a. the days before caffeine).

 This last mug isn’t mine, strictly speaking – it’s hubby’s.  He and I are both fanatical Buffalo Sabres fans.  This is hubby’s second – or maybe third – Sabres mug.  Every time the logo fades from being run through the dishwasher too many times, we replace it.  Life without a Sabres mug in the kitchen is just plain unthinkable.  Hubby has graduated to drinking coffee out of an enormous Block Island Times mug he got from my brother for Christmas (I have one too but it’s not pictured in the lineup because I use it as office decor, not for drinking)… but we will always, always have a Sabres mug in our collection.

So there you have it – my personal mug collection.  I’ve had other mugs that have cycled out of the regular lineup, either because their logos faded or because they are black or dark blue in color (being a tea drinker, I like a light-colored interior so I can see that my tea is fully steeped).  It’s a small group, but I love them all.  I’m hoping to bring them home a new friend from London this fall… I have my eye on this, this, this, or maybe this.  (Yes, I have been pre-shopping on the Harrods website.  Wouldn’t you?)  Now, if you’ll pardon me, I need to go put the kettle on…


6 thoughts on “Mug Shots

    • Thanks! I got the “my cup of tea” mug at Urban Outfitters and they may still have it, although there is something similar that I’ve seen on Etsy as well. There’s so much to be said for drinking out of a mug that makes you happy!

    • Well, little bro, if you read to the end of the post you will see that I mentioned that I use the Block Island Times mug as office decor. Meaning, it’s at work. I look at it on my desk every day and think of you. Now let’s be friends. 🙂

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