Like a Hurricane Hit It

That’s what my house looks like.  And for good reason.  That dratted Irene went and flooded my basement!  I have a word for her, but I can’t repeat it in polite company.  As damage was concerned, we actually got fairly lucky – although the basement floor was thoroughly doused, the water level didn’t reach the insulation, we were able to have it extracted fairly quickly, and insurance is covering it.  Hurray for AllState!  But Sunday morning was one of the more unpleasant experiences of my life… wading around with hubby in ankle-deep water in a near-pitch black basement, on no caffeine, frantically trying to rescue our wine from the ravages of water and “also leaves and gook and stuff.”  (Name that TV show.)

So in the interests of keeping it real around here, this is what my house looks like at the moment…

Wine bottles on the floor, saved from Irene’s wrath and a flooded basement.

More basement detritus, hauled upstairs after an extremely damp impromptu cleaning session in ankle-deep water.  (This is just the stuff that wasn’t touched by water.  The rest of it is heaped curbside, waiting for trash pickup.)

Why is the dining table in the foyer and the chairs in the living room?  Okay, this one I can’t blame on Irene (although the candles being out of place, that is her fault – we were without power for 22 hours).  We’re in the process of preparing to paint the dining room.  Having lived in these before pictures for several days, I cannot wait to show you the afters.

Same with the china.  We took it all out of the buffet to prepare for moving the buffet away from the wall so we could paint.  This is the most time I’ve spent with my china since the wedding.  Yes, I am super fancy.

The dining room itself is in a state of barely-controlled chaos.  We have ladders (two of them), blue tape, and a buffet in the middle of the room as part of the painting process.  The dining room table leaves were rescued from our basement lake (they’re fine – no damage – thank goodness).  Really, really cannot wait to get everything back in its proper place.  Despite the name of this blog, I am actually rather a neat freak and this mess is eating my brain.  But it’s all for good reason… the painting part, that is, anyway.  The other stuff… well, between earthquakes and hurricanes, it’s been quite the week.  I’m ready for life to go back to being boring again.

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