The Lakes

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful parts of England.  I don’t say this lightly.  England has an embarrassment of riches where natural beauty is concerned.  But the Lakes were particularly awe-inspiring.  We went to the northern Lake District, which has largely escaped Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter mania.  Based outside of Keswick, in September, we saw plenty of other tourists – but mostly Brits, a few Dutch, and no Americans.  I will always hold the Lake District close to my heart, because it was there that I learned two important lessons: (1) a pot of tea after a rainy hike is the best thing ever; and (2) I like scones.  (Laugh if you will, but it was in a Keswick tearoom that I bit into a warm, soft, flaky cream scone and discovered that scones are actually not made of chalk.  Who knew?)

Castlerigg stone circle – as old as Stonehenge, but you can still walk right up to the stones and touch them.  (I tried to go back in time a la Outlander, but no joy.)

Druids totally wore L.L. Bean rain jackets, right?

A white-knuckled car hike over Whinlatter Pass outside Keswick.

Puddle-splashing around Buttermere, a small and ridiculously beautiful lake outside Keswick.

Sure, we got soaked to the bone, but it was nothing a pot of tea couldn’t remedy.  And after we had warmed up, the sun was out – miracle! – so we headed over to…

Derwentwater, the biggest lake of the northern Lake District.  Keswick perches on its shore.  We were amazed at how unspoiled the Lake District was, for a place that has been a tourist attraction for generations.  We can’t wait to go back… but hopefully we get a bit luckier with weather the next time we hike Buttermere.


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