Block Island Times

We interrupt our tour of Old England to give you a breath of fresh sea air from New England!  Last weekend I skipped town, packed up the hubby, and headed north to visit my little brother Dan on Block Island, RI.  Dan has lived on Block Island since November of 2009 – he’s the reporter (yes, the only full-time reporter) for the local newspaper, The Block Island Times.  (By the way, check out the newspaper and his blog, and you’ll see that writing runs in the family.)  Hubby and I have been itching to visit since he moved to the island, but the stars finally aligned – by which I mean I could get out of work and there were no hurricanes – last weekend.  I can’t believe it took so long!  Hubby and I loooooooved Block Island and we’re already wondering when we could go back.  Here are some favorite snaps from the trip…

Windblown hubby rides the ferry.

Everywhere on the island there were these stacks of rocks.  We couldn’t figure out what it meant.  Anyone know?  My money’s on aliens.  Stacked rocks > crop circles.

Dan scales a sand dune.

Hubs and bro… what could they be talking about?  Probably planning to ditch me so they can go watch football and play video games.  Sorry, boys, you won’t get rid of me that easily!

The South East Light… rather an easier hike than the North Light. 

Sailboat spotting at the Cut in the Great Salt Pond.

Boats, boats, as far as the eye can see. 

Until we meet again, Block Island.  Until we meet again…

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