Over the Sea to Skye

Continuing our journey north from the Lakes, we drove up through Scotland, stopping for a brief overnight in Oban and then hopping a ferry to the Isle of Skye.  (No ferry pics – sorry – there was a driving rain and I feared for my camera.)  Skye was – like everything else on this trip – completely breathtaking.  Before going there, I had this idea that Skye was remote, wild, and romantic.  After seeing it in person… I was spot-on.

The highlight of Skye was the Old Man of Storr, a stunning rock formation that was as tall as a skyscraper.  We had to hike an hour uphill to get there (in a chilly mist, natch), but it was completely worth it.  We met a fellow hiker who grew up in Australia and was now living on the Shetland Islands.  Cool, how people can bond over being cold and wet in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth!

The Kilt Rock, named for its distinctive “pleats” and because… well… this is Scotland.

“Car hiking” in the Hebrides… a few impressions: WOW gorgeous countryside, heated car interiors are the best invention ever, and nothing tastes quite as good as grilled cheese with jam on a chilly day.

Mist rolling in over Portree Harbour.  We snapped this picture and then dashed off to eat the freshest fish that ever did roll in a cup and a half of peppercorns.  Zing!

Lips a little blue, but still in love with Scotland.


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