Weekend Project: Bedroom Seating Alcove

This weekend I’ve been hard at work making some updates to the bedroom, to make it look more like a room where grown-ups live and less like a racquetball court.  Top of my agenda was filling up the alcove by the window and making it into a cozy nook for hubby and I to sit, read, and relax.  Just by way of reminder, here’s the big old empty space I started with:

Eeks.  Having this alcove with nothing in it was no fun at all.  But I’m a Libra, so it took me a looooooooong time to decide on furniture.  I knew I wanted something that would go with my planned purple walls (which are on the agenda for late this fall, or possibly January).  Here’s what I decided on:

In case you’re curious, we’ve got:

  • Couch: Henry Sofa from West Elm (color: Dove Grey performance velvet)
  • Throw pillows: Pottery Barn
  • Coffee table: Ethan Allen (Tango collection; color: Graphite)
  • Nesting end tables: Ethan Allen (Tango collection; Color: Graphite)
  • Lamp: Ikea
  • Bookshelf: Ballard Designs (Librarie Bookshelf, black)

Decorative elements (always subject to change at a whim):

  • Teapot and teacups: Pottery Barn (Emma classic dinnerware, color: white)
  • Vases (on coffee table): Pearl Grant Richman’s (boutique in my hometown – these were a wedding gift)
  • Dried flowers: lavender bouquets from L’Occitaine en Provence
  • Books (on coffee table): LOUVRE and MARIAGE FRERES FRENCH TEA, both available on Amazon and at bookstores
  • Vase (on bookshelf, pictured in earlier shot): vintage wine bottle I swiped from my grandmother’s attic
  • Lantern (on bookshelf, pictured in earlier shot): Ikea
  • Books (on bookshelf, pictured in earlier shot): Modern Library Classics series, available on Amazon and at bookstores
  • Art (above couch): wedding photos by Denis Nally in Pottery Barn frames
  • Art (above bookshelf): oil paintings by Lane Palmisano, a local northern Virginia artist, in custom frames

Not too bad, I’d say!  I’m very happy with the way that the alcove is turning out.  It’s not done yet.  Still left to do: paint the walls (some shade of purple – I’m still deciding); hang curtains (filmy white ones, from oil-rubbed bronze curtain rods); find something to go in the corner between the bookshelf and the window (maybe an antique birdcage or large lantern?); hang frame gallery over couch (the wedding photos are a stand-in – they’re destined to go elsewhere in the house, probably the living room – I’ve got a few Etsy purchases waiting to go up along with some of my own travel photos and possibly some typographic art).  And of course I’ll continue revising the bookshelf and table styling whenever I get the urge.  I’ll keep you posted as it comes together!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Bedroom Seating Alcove

    • Thanks! Sadly, I didn’t spend much time up there over the weekend because I was running around getting errands and chores done! But next week I plan to log some serious book time and the alcove is calling my name. 🙂

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  2. I am contemplating ordering that exact sofa, but have no West Elm nearby to check it out in person. After a few months, how are you liking it? Is it a comfortable loung-able sofa?

    • I like it a lot, Amy! I actually ordered it without checking it out in person because it was a great deal – even though I do have a West Elm nearby – but I have no regrets. The cushions are very comfortable, on the firm side but still nice for lounging. The one thing that I don’t think is comfortable is the square arms, but with a throw pillow or two they are just fine. And I love the way it looks in the room. I hope you enjoy your sofa (either this or whatever you choose to order)!

  3. Can u tell me if you are happy with the performance velvet on your sofa? How do you think it will hold up to everyday use for a family with kids? Your input would be helpful.

    Thank you.

    • Lorrie, I really like the Henry sofa! The performance velvet is great – it’s very soft and pleasant to sit on and the dove grey color is beautiful in person. It does feel like a very good quality fabric. I don’t use it in an area where kids frequent, but I would think that it would hold up well. It’s quite a light color in person, so you might go for one of the darker options if you are concerned about spills, but as far as hardiness of the fabric is concerned, I would definitely expect that it would tolerate little ones climbing on it and frequent use as the main family sofa. Hope that helps!

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