The Dining Room, Before and After-ish

There were no Labor Day picnics or barbeques in this household this year.  No, we decided that the best way to celebrate Labor Day weekend was with some good, old-fashioned hard labor.  Isn’t that right, Comrades?  (Just kidding… about the Comrades thing, anyway.  I took enough college economics classes to know what doesn’t work.)  But, unfortunately, we’re not kidding about the hard labor thing.  We designated Labor Day weekend for some badly-needed house maintenance, including assembling a bookshelf (hubby) and a wine rack (hubby) and painting the dining room (together).  The dining room is just about done now – all that’s left to do is replace the chandelier, although we might wait until 2012 for that one, since the house has been pretty spoiled lately.

Here she is, all taped up and ready to go:

And mid-paint job:

And here are the after-ish pictures (feel free to ignore the chandelier, and imagine something like this in its place instead).  The actual color is more subdued and muted, with faint grey undertones, than the yippee-skippee-sky blue that it reads on the screen.  So if you’re questioning my sanity, please know that it’s a lot less bright in person!  It’s actually closest to the area next to the window in the pic above.

Next up to get the blues: the living room!


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