The Pinterest Challenge II: Gratitude Garland

I had such fun making my button monogram for the first-ever Pinterest Challenge, that when Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power announced another challenge, I knew immediately that I was in.  I cruised on over to Pinterest and spent an hour or so checking out fall decorations – since up until now I’ve been woefully deficient in the seasonal decorating area.  Clearly, the second Pinterest Challenge was a sign that it was time to step up my game.

Fun fact: pre-blog (in 2007), I threw hubby a surprise 30th birthday party.  It’s common knowledge among anyone who has planned a surprise party that you need something for the guests to do while they wait for the guest of honor to arrive.  I chose to make a garland to serve as party decor and conversation piece.  I begged my hubby’s parents for copies of pictures of him – at least one for each year of his life.  Then I made a garland featuring hubby’s pictures from babyhood through age 29.  It made for a fun decoration, a great conversation starter, and a wonderful keepsake – because of course we hung onto it. 

For this challenge I decided I wanted to revisit my garland-making ways with a Thanksgiving edition.  I pinned this guy and this guy and started thinking about how I wanted to approach my seasonal garland.  Introducing…

The Gratitude Garland

The concept is simple.  The front of the garland spells out the word THANKFUL.  (But you could go with GRATEFUL, GRATITUDE, THANKSGIVING or any other seasonal word that speaks to you.)  On the back of the garland, hubby and I took turns writing out things we are thankful for.  (Our lists are at the end of this post if you want to skip past the instructions and just go straight to finding out what warms hubby’s and my hearts.)

Want to make your own Gratitude Garland?  It’s incredibly easy – quite literally the work of minutes.  Here’s what you need:

  • 4 sheets scrapbooking paper in coordinating colors/patterns
  • Round item to use as stencil (i.e. a cereal bowl or large glass)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch (1/16 inch size)
  • Kitchen twine
  • Darning needle
  • Stick-on letters
  • Pen
  • Tape (Scotch and painter’s)

Step 1: Cut out eight identical circles from your scrapbooking paper.  (Or nine, or however many circles you need to spell out the word you’ve chosen – one circle per letter.)

Step 2: Punch holes in the “top” of each circle.  If possible, hold all of your circles together when you punch the holes.  That’ll guarantee that every hole is identically placed.  Me = anal retentive.

Step 3: Arrange the circles in your chosen order and thread the kitchen twine through each circle using the darning needle.

Step 4: Apply the stick-on letters to spell out your word of choice.

Step 5: Write what you are thankful for on the back of each circle.  I did mine first and then hubby did his without looking at mine.  Then we read our “thanks” to each other.

Step 6: Space out the circles along the length of twine.  Using Scotch tape, secure the circles to the twine so that they face forward.  Hang garland in your chosen location (i.e. the mantle) and secure with painter’s tape.  Hide painter’s tape with other decorative items if necessary.

(By the way, drop by on Friday to see my mantle decorations all broken down.)  So there it is – your very own Gratitude Garland!  A perfect Thanksgiving season decoration, especially if you can’t look at a Cornucopia after reading The Hunger Games.  And now, if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably curious as to what hubby and I are thankful for.  Here are our lists…


  • Our beautiful home
  • Being married to my best friend
  • The chance to travel the world
  • BOOKS and TEA


  • Jaclyn (Nota Baker: Awwwww! Ain’t he sweet?)
  • The Buffalo Sabres
  • Weekends
  • Beer

Updated: Want to see the four challengers’ projects?  Here ya go:

Sherry @ Young House Love: 38 Ornaments
Katie @ Bower Power: Antiqued Window
Ana @ Ana White Homemaker: Princess Pocket Bookshelf
Erin @ House of Earnest: Metallic Gold-Lined Lamp

What are you thankful for this season?

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