London Acquisitions: Ceramics Edition

You didn’t think I’d go all the way to England and come home without some new tea accoutrements, did you?  Silly rabbit.  I was in the land that invented afternoon tea.  Obviously I needed to bring home a mug or two… and a strainer… and a couple of tea tidies.  You know I love me some tea tidy.

 I planned to buy the Knightsbridge Map mug from Harrods, but when I saw it in person it was just way too big to fit in my backpack.  I was in the midst of shedding a tiny tear when I spied this cutie.  It was still a mug with a map theme, but it was more compact and colorful than the mug I had originally been eyeing.  Sold.

 I’ve been wanting a Cath Kidston mug for years.  I love Cath Kidston and wish it was easier to get their stuff here in the Colonies.  (You can order online from but I’m mildly allergic to paying for shipping.  Evidently I’d rather just buy a plane ticket.  You know, because they cost the same. /sarcasm)  When I saw this little mug, which came in its own (unpictured) tin, I had to have it.  Bonus points for good packaging that made it super easy to transport back across the Pond without breaking it!

 Okay, this isn’t ceramic but I’ve been on the lookout for a nice circle strainer for awhile now.  I loved this pretty one from Harrods – and it comes with a matching tea scoop too!  So cute.

 Tea tidies are such a great souvenir or gift from England – quintessentially English, but also small enough that they barely take up any space in Ye Olde Backpack.  I knew I wanted to get one from Harrods and I was going to go with the classic teapot shape until I saw this English telephone booth version.  My grandpapa loved English telephone booths – he collected them and even had a full-sized one in his backyard (sans phone, much to the chagrin of 16-year-old messybaker).  So it felt like fate.

 Impulse buy from Whittard of Chelsea right here.  I went in to pick up more tea for myself and my bestie R (because we can never have too much tea) and saw this tea tidy.  I see Whittard shops in just about every English town I visit, so it seemed fitting to bring a tea tidy home.  In addition to the tea, of course.  It was my reward for not saying “Whittard!” in a Borat voice to the chic store clerk.  Sometimes I need to bribe myself to act like an adult.

Stay tuned for the second round of London acquisitions coming up next week!  I’m a-gonna show you all the tea I bought.  Because, you know, I needed more tea.

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