My Second Home

I love libraries.  Having access to a good library is a huge quality-of-life thing for me.  Let’s face it, without the library I’d probably be flat broke and chewing on book pages instead of organic vegetables.  I grew up going regularly to my town’s library, which was satisfyingly stocked with Agatha Christie mysteries and Pearl S. Buck novels.  (Note to self: re-read The Good Earth, preferably soon.)  And I think I might have been the only kid to actually borrow from my junior high and high school libraries.  I was weird that way.  College and law school were an embarrassment of riches on the school library front, and when I got married and moved out to Arlington, Virginia, I had the pleasure of belonging to a really world class public library.  In fact, when hubby and I left Arlington to move into our forever house, one of the few things I was sad about was leaving the Arlington library.  But I’ve found a new home in Sherwood Regional Library, one of the outer branches of the Fairfax County library system… a small branch, yes, but with a great collection and the ability to get me pretty much any book I might want from another Fairfax County library if it’s not at my home branch (which has only happened once – I can almost always find whatever book I want right in the stacks).  I find I have grown to feel really at home at Sherwood – it’s cozy, and they keep me in books.  What more could a girl want?  And since I’m there on pretty much a weekly basis, I’m shocked I haven’t shown you guys around yet.  Let’s have a look, shall we?

This sign stands right outside the main doors to welcome you.  It makes me grin every time I see it, because I am truly proud and happy to call Fairfax County my home.  I love the beautiful natural surroundings, the friendly people, and all the great community resources – and it’s getting better all the time.  I particularly love Fairfax County because hubby and I chose to make our home here.  I love being an adult and being able to live wherever I want, and this is definitely where I want to live.  But I digress.  Let’s go inside…

First view upon walking in the doors – the information desk and a central well with desks and computers, and the shelves extending out in a U shape.  (Sorry for the not-great picture quality.  I had my camera on the wrong setting and didn’t realize it at first.  I figured I’d already made myself obtrusive enough with my gigantic dSLR so I didn’t want to re-shoot.)

Is there anything better than the sight of full bookshelves?  Especially when they’re library bookshelves?  Hello, library books.  I’m Jaclyn.  You probably know me as That Girl Who Hangs Out Here Every Saturday.  Don’t worry, I’ll take you all home in turn.  All in good time, my wordy little friends.

I can usually be found here, in the fiction section (or a few shelves over, in the mystery section, rifling through the Alexander McCall books).

And I almost always stop off here, too – at the Holds shelf.  This is where all those shiny, sought-after new releases wait for the lucky, patient people who have been inching their way up the waiting lists.  I’m on the waiting list for at least seven books at all times, so I almost always have something fun on this shelf.  For example, after I snapped this picture I went ahead and snatched up the copy of The Magician King that was waiting for me.  Oh happy day!

Goodbye, lovely lovely Sherwood Libe.  See you next weekend.

11 thoughts on “My Second Home

    • Your library is beautiful! Your Boston library tour post inspired me a little bit to take my camera into my library (something that I would ordinarily be way too shy to do). I’m so glad you like my second home!

  1. Cool post. I love libraries too. I wanted to welcome you to What’s in a Name 5. Hope you have fun with it.

    And now that I’ve spent moment to look around, I’d like to encourage you to link up to my Weekend Cooking feature some Saturday. You don’t have to post over the weekend — you can use any post from the week before. I too, like to bring home food from my travels.

    • Thanks! I’m very excited for What’s in a Name 5 – something to look forward to in 2012!

      I’ll definitely think about hooking up with your Weekend Cooking feature. It’s one of my favorite things to read on your blog each week! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and looking around – I really appreciate your visit!

  2. I used to visit a library regularly when I was a kid – and used to love my experiences like anything. The library had a great collection of children’s books, but didn’t have much contemporary fiction, so I ran out of steam for visiting it as I grew up and career and life took over.

    With time constraints in all the jobs that I took up, I started relying more and more on self-bought and gifted books. I stopped going to libraries, not that I stopped missing my visits. Moreover, I couldn’t find any good libraries nearby.

    Now that I am settled in Bangalore after marriage, I have found the wonderful Just Books. Great collection. I don’t find any unique books, but most contemporary fiction – that I largely read – I get from him. And I get my regular dose of library experiences as well. 🙂

    Your library looks wonderful. Have heard a lot about the beautiful library facilities that are available in USA. Dying to visit one sometime in life. 🙂

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