Winter Wonderland

Did I not promise that I would step up my game for Christmas decorating?  Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I do get excited about decking the halls and all that jolly goodness.  My mom was a teacher, so when I was growing up we always had multitudes of decorations that came to us in the form of teacher gifts – including a whole section of teacher ornaments on the tree.  I don’t have those kind of suppliers, but I’ve pulled together some nice decorations for my house.  In addition to the tree, I did another seasonal mantle using greenery from my yard.  I have holly bushes along my front walk, so I snipped a few branches and laid them across the mantle.  On either side I put some seasonal flair…

I kept out the hurricane vase I bought from Target this fall, but swapped out the golden yellow candle for a simple white one.  I retired the river rocks to their home in my candle cabinet – they’ll be back after the holidays – and surrounded the candle with jingle bells that I bought at Target this weekend.  Next to the hurricane, on one side I have an already-owned candlestick (a wedding gift) and an already-owned candle.  On the other side, a vintage glass vase from my grandmama’s old house, which I filled with red berries from a bush in my backyard.

On the other side of the mantle is my Nativity.  I bought this last year after several years of looking for a Nativity but being unable to find just the right one.  I wanted something modern, but still whimsical.  Finally I found the Willow Tree Nativity and it fit the bill perfectly.  I bought the metal star backdrop at the same time as I acquired the Nativity – I liked it better than a creche.  This Nativity includes a shepherd, but I preferred it with just Mary, Joseph, and the baby.  But I included two Willow Tree angels – the Angel of Winter, holding the wreath, and the Angel of Hope, holding the lantern (which I imagine contains the Christmas star).  So it’s a bit non-traditional, but hey, so am I.

The dining room got a visit from the decorating fairy too!  On the table… April Cornell placemats (a gift last year), Lenox Federal Platinum dinner and salad plates (wedding gift), Target mercury glass votive holders (bought this year) and Crate & Barrel red glass votive holders (a gift several years ago).

And if you’re wondering about the snowman hot cocoa mugs, they’re from Williams-Sonoma and were a present from my mother-in-law.  The hats are lids to keep the cocoa warm until you’re ready to drink it!  Does that cuteness not just slay you?

Remember I said I had plans for the buffet?  These are the plans: my Christmas village!  When I was a kid, I thought that the ultimate mark of an adult at Christmas was that she had her own Department 56 Christmas village.  My mom collected the Dickens Village and my grandmama had Christmas in the City.  Obviously as soon as I was married and had my own place I started my own collection.  My choice…

New England Village!  Want to see my favorites?

Here’s the Lakeshore Holiday House, the 2011 limited edition building, which I just got, with the Salt Bay Lifesaving Station, a gift I received a few Christmases ago.

Sawyer Family Tree Farm, an earlier limited edition

And my all-time favorite, Wheaton Christmas Bakery!  This is one of the limited editions, I think maybe from 2009?  I obviously love the bakery most of all… the yellow bricks, the adorable miniature pastries in the window, and the baker kneeling outside with a tray of goodies for the local kids – too cute! 

How do you decorate for Christmas?

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Awww I love it! It looks great.
    We haven’t done much decorating this year because we’ll be down visiting family in Southern California for Christmas for over a week so the only thing I did this year was make a Christmas tree out of a string of lights on the wall. It livens things up and still looks festive! I sure do miss the smell of a Christmas tree though. 😉

    • I love the idea of making a tree out of a string of lights! We haven’t done anything with lights, other than having them on the Christmas tree. All of the houses in our neighborhood look so beautiful with lights in their trees and around their porch railings, and all I have is a wreath. Next year I’m going to explore the possibilities of holiday lighting for sure!

  2. I LOVED all of it. Your house looks so warm and Christmas-sy! 🙂
    I adored the snowmen – they are darn cute. I especially loved the bakery. 🙂

    PS: We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, and decorated it. Will put up pics on blog soon.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I don’t know what it is about snowmen but I seem to accumulate more every year, haha. I can’t wait to see your decorated tree!

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