Simon Morley is an illustrator working in the advertising business in 1970s New York. He is recruited to join a top-secret U.S. government project. Scientists, applying a statement of Einstein’s, think they have figured out a way for people to travel back and forth in time. Si is chosen as one of the first time travelers. Although he is initially assigned to travel to San Francisco before the 1906 earthquake, he requests to travel instead to New York in 1882, to watch a man mail a letter. This mysterious letter was the foundation of a nearly 100-year-old mystery in Si’s girlfriend’s family. Si found the mystery compelling of its own accord and wanted to solve it, to finally answer his Katie’s questions about her adoptive parents. As he enters a completely different New York than the one he is used to in the 1970s, Si has to walk a fine line between interacting with the people around him and trying not to influence events.  But the closer Si gets to the heart of the mystery, the more involved he becomes with the people he interacts with along the way.
 I love to read. I read because it’s fun for me. Pretty much anything I read, it’s fun for me.  But I can’t remember the last time I’ve had THIS MUCH fun.  Time and Again was just a great, fun, wonderful book. The descriptive writing was definitely a big part of the book, so if you don’t have patience for that sort of thing, the story might move slower for you than it did for me. Personally, I thought the descriptive paragraphs lent fantastic color to the story and I’m interested in different historical periods, so I can’t say I had any trouble with the book in that regard. For me, this was just an all-around great read.  It was exciting – a page-turner, in fact – and well-written, with wonderful characters and a fast-moving plot.  How often do you get the chance to travel back in time and solve a mystery?  Well, every time you pick up Time And Again, you’ll get that chance.  Reason enough, no?
Time and Again, by Jack Finney (not an affiliate link)

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