This Week I’m Loving…

~My wooden “read” sign from William Dohman, available here.  I keep it in the seating alcove in my bedroom, and it makes me smile every time I look up from my book to see it sitting there on my shelf, reminding me of my favorite hobby (like I could ever forget).

~Cruising TripAdvisor.  An idea for 2012 travel is slowly crystallizing.  I’ve run it by hubby and he likes it too.  We’re not quite ready to buy plane tickets, but we’re getting close.  Spoiler alert: it involves Europe.  (Well, obviously.  I’m still acclimating to the idea that I’m a grownup and I can go to Europe if I want to.)  And it’s a country neither of us has visited yet.  So that rules out England, Scotland, Wales, France and Germany.  Let the guessing commence.

~The fact that I can finally run again!  I’ve had a pretty painful ankle issue for the past few weeks, but a combination of rest and an ankle brace has finally worked its magic and I’m back to pounding the pavement, including in the inaugural “Run Your Heart Out 5K” in Reston, Virginia yesterday.  I’m going slowly, and not very far – I’m trying to avoid aggravating it.  Being injured is no fun at all.

~Earl Grey Creme from Teavana and Blueberry Vanilla Cream from Culinary Teas – the perfect delicious way to start each morning off.  And for evenings, Rouge Bourbon Vanille from Mariage Freres (thanks, R!) or Gingerbread Rooibos from Capital Teas.

~The song “Letter Never Sent,” by R.E.M.  I’m always loving R.E.M.  This week I’m listening to this one on repeat, the version from “Live at the Olympia.”  I particularly love the beginning: “It’s been pretty simple so far.  Vacation in Athens is calling me.  Knock, knock, knock on wood.”  So good to go back to the old favorites.

~Lavender hand creme from Cornwall Soap Box in St. Ives, England.  The winter air is drying out the backs of my hands something fierce, but this hand creme is the perfect antidote.  Silky smooth, not greasy, and smells divine.  I’m trying to ration because I have no idea when I’ll be back to Cornwall to buy more.  Luckily I also have a tube of delicious Oliviers & Co. organic hand creme that R bought for me in NYC.  Mmmmmm, lucky me!

What are you loving this week?

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