London, Part IV: Iconic Views

No trip to London is complete without a walk past some of London’s most iconic buildings – or that’s my opinion, anyway.  This year, hubby didn’t want to go into Westminster Abbey; he’s not as into history as I am, and he has a problem with the idea of illustrious historical figures (or just rich people) being buried inside churches.  I can understand where he’s coming from, but for me that viewpoint takes a total backseat to the thrill of seeing the effigies of Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor, or the plaque dedicated to Chaucer – people I’ve read about for years.  Still, I settled for just motoring by the Abbey this time.  On the next trip, we’ll go back in and get our audioguide on for sure.

Fortunately, hubby was not opposed to posing for a self-portrait outside the Abbey.  Isn’t he cute?

Not far from Westminster Abbey is the Thames River and the Houses of Parliament.  Someday I would love to take a tour of Parliament.  I have friends who’ve done it and told me that the tour is spectacular.  It’s another reason for me to go back to London ASAP…

And of course, any London visitor must wave hello to Big Ben.

I’ll leave you – for now – with this spectacular view across the Thames.  See the dome of St. Paul’s in the back?  We had quite the interesting visit there this time…

But you’ll have to wait until next week to find out about that!  Check back on Friday for more London.

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