London, Part VI: Borough Market

The Borough Market in Southwark was one of those “if we have time” destinations that I was reaaaaally hoping we’d get to visit.  I love checking out local markets, seeing the gorgeous produce piled up – even if I’m always a bit sad that I can’t bring any home with me – and scoping out the various goods for sale.  Hubby and I made sure to leave ourselves plenty of time for exploring the bits of London we didn’t see last time (well, some of them, anyway – it’s such a big, multi-layered city that we’ll never see it all) and I was thrilled we made it here.

The market was spread out through several indoor-outdoor buildings and across a few lots.  It reminded me a bit of Ferry Plaza in San Francisco, but noisier, more energetic and more colorful, if that’s possible.  I loved it.  Everywhere you turned, there were locals and tourists exploring the stalls and buying all manner of delicious-looking goodies.  I tested out some yummy dipping oils with fresh bread and picked up a bag of salted caramels – yum.

My favorite stall, by far, was Turnips – a fruit and vegetable purveyor.  I tend to think produce is gorgeous anyway, and theirs was just perfect.  Perfectly ripe, perfectly fresh, piled in perfect stacks just begging to be photographed.  I had to restrain myself from shouting “You’re gorgeous, dah-ling!” at these figs.

Look at those piles of fruits.  How I wished I could have tried them all.  And the vegetables – oh, my gracious Heavens.  Piles of ripe heirloom tomatoes – in October! – each one unique in its shape and shade.  Stacks of squash, carrots, peas… I imagined the fresh vegetable stew I could create.  And the cauliflower – I love cauliflower, and Turnips arranged purple, green and orange heads together in an autumnal explosion of color.  And then if the fruit and veg displays weren’t enough, I found stacks of creamy eggs in soft-colored cartons that looked like a painting.

It was basically like falling through a rabbit hole directly into Jamie Oliver’s brain and finding it an even more delicious place than you imagined.  (Am I the only person who thinks it would be extraordinarily fun to live in Jamie Oliver’s brain?  Tell me I’m not.)  I could have stayed in the Borough Market forever and just wandered amongst the stalls, trying out all of the local goods.  Sadly, I couldn’t – but at least I had some caramels to savor.

I know I said this was the last post of the trip, but as I was attaching the pics I realized I actually have one more day yet to blog.  Yay!  So check back Friday for what will be… I mean it this time… the last England travel post… until the next trip.  And no, I’m not teasing a vacation.  At least not one anytime soon.  So let’s keep reliving England for one more week, shall we?


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