Favorite Summer Recipes

The heat has cranked up on most of the East Coast and we’re all doing our best to stay cool.  Aside from running through the neighbors’ sprinklers as they water their lawns (my favorite summer pastime), I’m keeping my cool by putting together fresh, light meals that lower my body temperature and my summer stress levels.  Here are some old summertime favorites:

Cucumber Coolers – a light and refreshing beverage (non-alcoholic for the preggies out there, but you could tip in a little bit of vodka and make a cocktail if that’s your style).

Mediterranean Bean Dip – a tasty, healthy dip to bring to your next backyard barbeque, along with veggie crudites.  Yum!

Capery Salad – Briny, pickley goodness, fresh and fun for summer.

Refreshing Orzo Salad – Pasta salads are a summer essential, no?  This one is tart and lemony, inspired by my mom’s Grecian Orzo, and makes a perfect side when you’re grilling out.

Peach and Raspberry Pie – It wouldn’t be summer without peaches!  This pie is tart and sweet and oh so fabulous.

Blueberry Cobbler – Summer requires dessert choices, methinks.  If you’re a blueberry fan, this cobbler will be right up your alley.

Hope your summer is delish!


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