Goodbye, Second Tri

17 weeks and ready to tell the world!

Tomorrow starts week 28 and my third trimester – hard to believe.  (Well, probably – some sources put the beginning of the third tri at 27 weeks even, some at 27 weeks and 3 days, and others at 28 weeks.  I’m taking the conservative estimate and declaring third tri at 28 weeks.  It’s good to be here!)  This pregnancy is just flying by.  It’s not over yet, and I’m beyond excited for the next steps, but I already know I’m really going to miss being pregnant.  Especially this trimester; so much has happened and I’ve felt incredibly blessed every single day.

So today, while I’m off traipsing around D.C. with my fabulous penpal, the gorgeous and brilliant Katie of Cakes, Tea and Dreams, I thought it would be fun to share a brief look back at the milestones, thoughts and feelings of my second trimester.

Week 14 – Yay!  First tri in the books, gangstas!  I’m feeling a lot less worried about miscarriage now and I’m starting to finally relax (a little bit) and let myself get excited about having a baby in October.

Week 15 – Headed off on a business trip and got to enjoy spending time with my work friends out of the office.  It still doesn’t totally feel real, but every day it dawns on me just a little bit more that after waiting a LONG time, I’m honest-to-goodness pregnant.

Week 16 – Doctor’s appointment – woohoo!  Hearing the baby’s heartbeat is my “new favorite hobby,” according to hubby.  It’s the most beautiful sound in the entire world.

Week 17 – Finally worked up the nerve to share my news with the world beyond immediate family and close friends – meaning the blog and far-flung friends via Facebook.  I’m overwhelmed by all of the people who are happy for hubby and me.

Week 18 – I think… maybe, just maybe… I might have felt a little bit of movement in there.  Is that you, baby?  It’s earlier than I expected (normal for first-time moms is somewhere between 18 and 22 weeks, but I assumed I’d be on the later side for some reason).

Week 19 – Yep, definitely feeling the baby move.  It’s faint and it only happens when I am sitting still and concentrating – if my attention is focused anywhere else I can’t feel the movements – but it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and it’s unmistakeably baby.  And awesome.

Week 20 – ‘Nother doctor’s appointment, and this time my fabulous sister-in-law joined hubby and me.  I didn’t expect that anyone in our family would get to hear the baby’s adorable little heart beating, so being able to share it with my sister-in-law was incredibly special.

Week 21 – Biggest news of the pregnancy so far (after the positive test, that is) – baby-to-be is a GIRL!  And one of my first thoughts on getting the news – of course – was “Oh, yay, I can’t wait to read ANNE OF GREEN GABLES to her!”

Week 22 – Headed up to western New York to see my other sister-in-law graduate from high school, and got to share the TEAM PINK news with that side of the family in person.  There was cheering!  Baby girl has a lot of people anxious to meet her.  I enjoyed the cooler temperatures and relative lack of humidity, and of course we were so proud of my sister-in-law for her accomplishments.

Week 23 – Made a tiny bit of headway on clearing out the room that will become the nursery.  Visited with my bestie R, met (and approved) her boyfriend for the first time, and enjoyed plenty of cute baby kicks.  Maybe she’ll be a standout soccer player like her Aunt G?

Week 24 – Headed down to Texas to visit some wonderful friends there!  Had a fun time picking our friends’ brains about pregnancy and parenthood, and checked out a prenatal yoga class.  (Baby girl loved it – she told me with plenty of kicks during savasana.)  And when we got home, we enjoyed the fourth of July with lunch out, ice cream, books, and plenty of time spent daydreaming about the little miss.

Week 25 – Entertained R and her sister over the weekend, and then ordered a CRIB and dresser for Peanut!  The rest of the week was devoted to a massive, all-consuming project at work.  But I didn’t mind, because I was looking forward to…

Week 26 – NYC on my changeover day!  Hubby met up with his dad for a Yankees game and I played by myself for the day – that meant trips to the New York Public Library to visit Pooh and friends, and (obviously) shopping at the Strand.  A good kind of day.  Toting a baby bump around New York was a new experience, but I think Peanut enjoyed herself.  The rest of the week was devoted to that same massive work project that had me working overtime, but the little miss kept me entertained by playing and wiggling in there.

Week 27 – This week’s news: had another sonogram and it’s still a girl!  Yippee!  (Not that we would have been devastated if we’d heard “oops – it’s actually a boy” but as the doctor said, once you get into a particular frame of mind it’s hard to get out on it, and we’re 1,000% on board the girl train by now.)  After getting a second opinion I felt confident enough to buy her some girly nursery bedding.  Also, it’s starting to dawn on me that I’m growing an actual person.  Every so often I stop and think “Whoa, there’s really someone in there!”  That blows my mind, man.  So far it’s felt as though she was a figment of my imagination – but she isn’t, she’s real and she’s coming and she’s going to have her own little personality.  That’s wild.

What a whirlwind this trimester has been!  I’ve had so much fun.  And the third trimester holds the promise of even more fun – more kicks and wiggles, finishing the nursery, taking a babymoon, and finally welcoming our little girl into the world at the end of it.  I’m most excited for that last part, but I’m also trying to enjoy this time and take it all in before our lives change radically (for the better) with our new addition.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Second Tri

  1. Awwww! I love this two-tri review. It meant so much to me to hear baby girl’s heartbeat. Can’t wait to hear her little voice!

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