Nursery Tales: Sunny Day, Chasing the Beige Away

When we moved into this house, the entire place was painted the same color, which I not-so-fondly call “Builder Beige.”  Getting rid of the beige and bringing in wall colors that I liked was a top priority… so important that I painted the dining room and downstairs bathroom and then stalled out.  Yep, I’m slow.  And while I am still holding out hopes for getting paint on the living room walls before baby arrives, first things first: the baby’s room needed a coat of paint (if only to cover up the scuffs left on the wall by the movers who exuberantly removed the last owners’ furniture), and there was a loudly ticking clock called MY DUE DATE, which will be here before we know it.  So hubby and I decided to get down to business.

Before buying paint, we did a fair amount of research to find zero-VOC paint that we could feel good about putting in our baby’s room.  Although the rest of the house is getting low-VOC (but not zero-VOC) paint, we wanted the nursery to be as free of nasty chemicals as we could possibly make it.  After shopping around, we decided to go with the Natura line from Benjamin Moore.

We traipsed down to our local hardware store and picked out a happy, warm sunshiney yellow color that I think will look perfect with Peanut’s bedding and other decor (which you’ll see in a future post – promise).  Natura is available in any Benjamin Moore colorway – you’re not restricted to certain tints, which I love – and we went with a colorway called “Wildflowers,” from the Classic Collection.

It’s quite bright on the walls, but I think it will look gorgeous with Peanut’s crisp white furniture and drapes, and her sweet vintage-inspired bedding and decor items.  I can’t wait to see the room start to come together.  It’s practically all decorated in my mind, and I’m excited to turn my vision for a bright, happy little girl’s room into reality.

Here’s a bonus shot of Peanut’s handsome, hardworking Daddy, who did all the priming and the painting himself.  (Even though the primer and paint were both zero-VOC, he still didn’t want me climbing ladders or crawling around on the floor, so he took over cutting-in duties too.  I was banished to lurk in the doorway with my camera.)  Methinks he’s destined to be a great dad.  Lucky Peanut!

We’ve come a long way from the clutter-fest that the room started out as, but we have a long way to go.  Next up: assembling the crib and moving the furniture in, and then I can start decorating – wahoo!

5 thoughts on “Nursery Tales: Sunny Day, Chasing the Beige Away

    • 🙂 Hope she likes the room when it’s all done! We have a looooooong way to go before we get there… and not much time.

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