She Just Couldn’t Wait…

Just coming up for air to announce that on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012, at exactly 5:06 p.m., hubby and I welcomed our daughter into the world.  She is two months early and to say that we were surprised to see her would be an understatement.  Now that she’s here, we are so unbelievably in love with little Peanut… who is actually…

But we’ll keep calling her Peanut on here, because… well… she is one.  She’s a tiny little bundle, which is to be expected considering she insisted on being born at 31 weeks pregnant instead of 40 weeks.  (Apparently Peanut has inherited her dorky parents’ tendency for being embarrassingly early to parties, only she’s taken it to new levels by showing up two months before her own birthday party.)  But even though she’s tiny, Peanut is a feisty little lady who made her entrance with eyes wide open, looking around at the world when she was only moments old, and who is constantly impressing us with how amazing she is at this young age.  She’ll have a few weeks’ stay in the NICU while she gets nice and pudgy so we can bring her home and show her all her fun toys and clothes and her cute nursery, which we are obviously still working on.

This has been a pretty harrowing ordeal, as you might imagine.  I went from blissfully on vacation (babymooning in New York City), with no real indication that Peanut might be an early arrival… to strict doctor-ordered bed rest in a last-ditch attempt to hold Peanut in for a few more weeks… to becoming a mommy to an incredibly gorgeous preemie… all in seven days flat.  The time in between was full of unbelievable highs and lows and lots of tears of both the happy and sad variety (sometimes at the same time).  I was planning to share a birth story on here, but I’m really REALLY not ready.  It was both the worst and best week of my life, and I’m completely overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted right now.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to tell you how it all went down… we’ll see.

Now that Peanut is here, she’s captured our hearts completely and we couldn’t be happier.  But we’re still going through a challenging time as a family as we learn to be parents in the NICU.  So I’m going to take a bit of a break from blogging.  My life currently revolves around this little girl and she needs every ounce of love and attention I can give her.  I can’t really focus on anything else at the moment.  So let’s meet back here in about a month, on October 1st.  (I will respond to comments in the meantime, and I’ll still be reading and commenting on other blogs – I just need to take this time off as hubby and I adjust to being Mommy and Daddy and help Peanut grow big enough to come home with us ASAP.)

See you in October… and in the meantime, please keep us in your thoughts and cross your fingers for Peanut!  I’m sure she will be running around terrorizing us all in the blink of an eye.  In the meantime, we’ll be off enjoying our sweet baby girl.

36 thoughts on “She Just Couldn’t Wait…

  1. Awww, congratulations! She’s adorable. All three of my little ones are preemies (my twins were 26 weekers and spent 78 days in the NICU; my youngest was a 34 weeker who spent 5 days for observation). Honestly, as difficult as our NICU experience was in many ways, I look back on that time fondly (for the most part). I have more positive memories than negative ones. Of course, it took me about 3 years to feel that way!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Hearing about others’ NICU experiences helps a lot. Right now it seems like it will never end… I think Peanut will be in for about six weeks total (she’s almost two weeks old now) so I’m hoping to get her home by the end of the month. Her issues are digestion and learning to eat – fortunately she breathes on her own and has from the beginning, which I attribute to the beta shots I got while I was on bed rest. Her digestive issues are just related to being premature – she will grow out of them soon. I’m thankful that she’s as healthy as she is considering the dramatic way in which she entered the world. It’s not an easy time for us right now but I think we will come out of this stronger. And Peanut makes it all worthwhile!

      • It’s wonderful that she’s been breathing on her own from the beginning! Betamethasone is key. I only received 12 hours of the first shot with my twins before they arrived (and, like most extreme preemies, they needed ventilators for a few weeks). Your peanut looks absolutely beautiful in the picture. It seems many preemies have difficulty feeding, and not putting on weight fast enough is a common reason “homecoming day” gets delayed. But many babies come home earlier than expected, too, so at a certain point, you should make sure you’re all prepared at home. We only had 24 hours notice before our twins came home with us, three weeks earlier than expected! The NICU can be a rough ride at points, and sometimes I feel like the parents are left with more scars (of the emotional variety) than the babies are. So, to the extent you can, try to take care of yourself. For example, sleep as much as possible and maybe catch up on your reading. I’ll be honest that I didn’t get much reading done with newborns at home! Good luck.

      • You’re so right that the parents end up with more (emotional) scars than the babies! Peanut won’t remember any of this… but hubby and I will.

        I’m hoping that she will be a good eater when the time comes. She really goes after her pacifier and loves to suck on anything that gets near her. I’m hoping we have a tiny prodigy on our hands! We are increasing feedings very slowly so that her little digestive system doesn’t get overwhelmed (again – we had to transfer to a bigger NICU because of digestion) and once she’s off her IV totally we will try teaching her to eat, and then she can come home.

        Thanks again for sharing your experience! It helps SO much to hear from people who have walked through the NICU fire and come out the other side.

      • I remember how much comfort I received from hearing other parents’ experiences, and I am happy to do whatever I can to help new NICU parents. The NICU can be a very isolating experience otherwise. For our girls, we had some days when they were great eaters and other days when they weren’t. Then one day, they just seemed to “get it.” Our occupational therapists in the NICU were great and very encouraging. It’s so true that the babies won’t remember any of it. It’s amazing how strong preemies are. We do know some extremely premature babies (born before 28 weeks) from our NICU who continue to face some challenges related to their early births, but even they are doing so well now and we know many more who have shown absolutely no repercussions. My girls were 760 grams and 922 grams at birth, and at 4 and a half years old, you’d never know they were preemies. I wish your family the best, and please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to talk to someone who has been through it. Take care!

  2. Awww congratulations! I can understand how harrowing all of this would have been for you. I was, in fact, wondering if all was well with you as you hadn’t been blogging frequently, and was thinking of dropping you a mail.

    Sending loads of prayers and good vibes your way. Hope you are able to take Peanut home very soon. 🙂

    • Thanks, lady! It’s been rough but Peanut makes it all worthwhile. I felt bad about disappearing, but everything happened so fast and I was barely at the computer, let alone up to writing a blog post! I’m still reading blogs though, and I’ll be back with tons to report, I’m sure, in October.

      In the meantime, thank you so much for your prayers and good vibes! Hubby and I really appreciate them, and so does Peanut. 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Like Girl Next Door, I had also noticed that I hadn’t seen a new blog post from you in a while and I thought, “Hmmm…maybe something’s going on.” But I didn’t expect Peanut’s early arrival! Guess she was in a hurry to get out and become a blogger like her mommy!

    Glad to hear all of you are doing okay. Rest up and see you next month!

    • Thanks, friend! I told hubby that it was my fault – when I was pregnant I had been telling Peanut how many people already loved her and couldn’t wait to meet her, and I guess I rushed her out! It hasn’t been quite the beginning to motherhood that I had envisioned, but we are taking it one day at a time and hoping to have Peanut home soon. I’m sure I will have lots to report in October, and in the meantime I’m still reading blogs!

      Peanut blogging… now that’s a funny thought! I should start one for her. Right now, it would just say: “Woke up. Looked at Mommy and Daddy. Had my diaper changed. Tried to escape the NICU again. Looked at Mommy and Daddy. Had my diaper changed. Got a bath and screamed my head off. Looked at Mommy and Daddy. Had my diaper changed.” Heh.

      • I’ve seen blogs “written” by cats and dogs, so why not a blog from the newborn’s perspective? I think you’ve got great comic possibilities there. When you have time to write it, of course.

  4. Just wanted to say hello and congratulations on Emily’s arrival! I’ve been following what information has been on FB, and have been thinking about the three of you and wishing you the best! I’m sure she’ll be home before you know it! Lots of love!

  5. The mention of Betamethasone naturally led me to a bit of a search on how recently this therapy was developed. Looks like 2008 or so. Timing is everything–to Peanut’s great benefit.

    • Interesting! I didn’t know it was that recent of a development. I’m so glad Peanut was born in 2012 – all this medical technology is really helping her!

  6. I hope you and peanut are doing well! As for betamethasone, I’m not sure when it was developed, but I had the shot (not the full dose because they recognized my PTL too late) in 2007. Some of the studies I read in 2007 on betamethasone vs. dexamethasone were based on trials around 2002.

    • Thanks, Corrie, and welcome! I hope you enjoy looking through my posts, and I promise plenty of new content come October, so please do stick around!

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