Holiday Hits: Bookworm Bests

Since shopping is such a blast, I’m back with one more bonus list of gift suggestions for the holidays!  Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for more than… I don’t know… thirty seconds or so, you’ve probably figured out that I love to read.  I love pretty much everything there is about books.  Reading is my primary hobby, and I’m a huge fan of anything that celebrates reading and books.  So if you have a similarly obsessed bookworm in your life (or if you are a similarly obsessed bookworm and want to get a treat for yourself), here are some bookish gift ideas.  These are all things that I already have (Santa, I’ll write you separately) and love.  Speaking for my people, I can tell you that pretty much any of these things would be a huge hit with your word-loving pals:

Eclectic vintage typewriter key  bracelet  book worm(Image Source)

Vintage typewriter jewelry.  Yep, you read that right.  I am particularly obsessed with the offerings of Lizzy Bleu on Etsy.  I have this “Book Worm” bracelet, but there are plenty of other choices in this Etsy shop – you could get yourself a pendant with your initial or any one of her many bracelets made from vintage typewriter keys.  I love this stuff – not only is it a nod to my love of words and writing, but it’s eco-friendly to boot (I’m on a huge upcycling kick).  And the quality is great.  Typewriter jewelry is a fun, quirky way to advertise one’s love of words.

Jane Austen Bookmarks - Set of 6(Image Source)

Unique bookmarks.  Hubby got me these Jane Austen bookmarks for my birthday this year and I’m in love with them (and him too, obviously).  They worked for me on multiple levels – for one thing, I’m crazy about Jane Austen.  She might be my favorite author… but don’t hold me to that; I don’t want to be tied down.  And for another, y’all know I love bookmarks.  But if your bookworm isn’t into Jane Austen, just a quick search for the name of the recipient’s favorite author and “bookmark” in Etsy is practically guaranteed to yield you some great finds.  For example, I typed in “Tolkien bookmark” and found this gorgeous hand-stamped copper bookmark that would be a fantastic gift for a Lord of the Rings enthusiast.

Lavender Bookmark & Sachet Set(Image Source)

Scented bookmark.  That’s right, ish just got real.  You know that I can’t get enough lavender.  (Or maybe you didn’t.  Anyway, it’s true.  I can’t.)  Well, this is the extent of my mania: I have TWO lavender bookmarks.  As in, fabric bookmarks stuffed with dried lavender.  I got the first one from a lavender booth at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York.  Hubby and I were on our babymoon the week before Peanut was born (well, we didn’t know it was the week before Peanut was born, but that’s how things turned out) and we were wandering through the market when I ground to a halt in front of, basically, my mothership.  This booth had all things lavender and I wanted everything, but I had intentionally packed a small bag and I was saving room for a trip to the Strand, and then I saw the bookmarks and very sweetly said “I need this, it’s really important.”  And then, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I bought another lavender bookmark on Etsy later.  Look, I love the scent of book as much as the next girl, but sometimes you just want your reading material to smell like France, amirite?

READ Sign wooden wall art cottage decor - word sign - library sign - SLATE GRAY(Image Source)

Wooden “read” sign.  I think this would be a fantastic gift for a reader: a wooden sign proclaiming their favorite hobby!  I have one of these signs in my reading nook and I love it; it reminds me of one of my favorite activities and makes for some cool decor.  Plus, you get the good feeling that comes with supporting an independent artisan.

(Image Source)

Penguin Clothbound Classics.  Books!  What a novel idea!  (Hee hee.)  But here’s the thing – buying books for a bookworm can be a tricky business.  Yes, we love ’em.  But it’s easy to end up with repeats.  I love giving books as gifts, but I always worry that the recipient already has a copy of the book.  But when the books are this pretty, I personally don’t mind having more than one copy and many bookworms would probably agree.  I collect Penguin Clothbound Classics and keep them together on a shelf in my bedroom.  They publish some of my favorite classics in gorgeous editions.  There are other collections, put out by other publishing houses – this just happens to be the collection that I particularly like and am therefore dedicated to acquiring.  I can practically guarantee these will be a hit – even if the bookworm in question already has a copy of, say, Pride and Prejudice, it’s hard to take issue with a pretty printed cloth cover.

Pride and Prejudice book cover t-shirt(Image Source)

Nerdwear.  I love my Pride and Prejudice shirt from Out of Print Tees, and my Reading is Sexy shirt from Buy Olympia, both of which I wear un-ironically.  Seriously – cute, comfortable, and a message I can totally get behind (and I’m talking about both shirts here).  Of course, there is a danger here: you don’t want to buy your bookworm a shirt advertising a book they hate.  But if the recipient’s favorite book is available, they’ll love a fun new library-going outfit.

Mug: White Diner(Image Source)

Bookstore Swag.  Bookworms have bookstore radar.  It’s true.  We’re drawn to bookstores; it’s our nature.  And most bookworms have a favorite bookstore.  A place that they dream about.  For me, that place is the Strand in New York City.  I love that place.  Forget Disneyland – the Strand is the happiest place on Earth.  I’d totally live there, except that I don’t want to move to New York.  I own a not-embarrassing amount of Strand-logo merchandise, including the above mug.  And a few tote bags.  And some bookmarks.  But if your bookworm dreams about a different bookstore – maybe Powell’s, or City Lights, or Politics & Prose – you can make him or her very happy with a cool mug or bookmark or t-shirt proudly announcing his or her personal affinity.

Nerd alert – I really like all this stuff.  And that’s cool, because it’s cool to be who you are and… stuff.  So.  Nobody paid me to write this post, and nobody gave me anything free.  Like I said, I just really, genuinely like everything I’m recommending.

What do you buy for the bookworms on your list?  Anything worth making a collect call to Santa over?  Spill.

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