31 Things: Update 1

Uhhhhhhhh, so.  It’s four months into my year (how’d that happen?).  I’ve been cracking away at my list of 31 things to do before I turn 32, and I’m having so much fun with it.  Here’s my progress so far:
1. Spend lots of time snuggling and loving Peanut while she’s still tiny.  Most important thing on my list!  Progress: We get in cuddle time every day!  I feed her in the morning and snuggle her for awhile before heading off to work, and when I get home, my time is hers and we spend the couple of hours before bedtime reading, playing, and cuddling (in between making dinner for the family, that is).  And on the weekends, we make up for lost weekday time with lots of cuddle time, family walks, and more reading and playing.  My house isn’t as neat as it was pre-Peanut, but I don’t care!  I’d rather soak up all the time with her that I can.
2. Get into the habit of better skin care.  Progress: Working on this, but not much to report just yet.  I am pretty good about taking my multivitamin and drinking lots of water, so that’s a start.
3. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy (long overdue).  Progress: It’s happening!  I read The Fellowship of the Ring in January and will finish The Two Towers today.  One more to go…
4. Run the GW Parkway Classic 2013.  Progress (sort of): I revised this goal to run a 10k instead – I’m sure I have it in me to train for and run a 10-miler, but I’d want to do the thing properly and I just don’t want to spend that much time away from Peanut.  (I’ve run a 10-miler and a half marathon in the past, and I know what a time commitment it is to really train.)  But I’m working on building back my cardiovascular fitness and I’ve picked a 10k to run in late April.  Yay!
5. Take plenty of family hikes with hubby and the little miss.  Progress: We went for our first family walk on the Mount Vernon Trail, but other than that we’re sticking to short walks in our neighborhood and Old Town (which hubby calls “Bouncy Town” because of the way the BOB bounces down the brick sidewalks) until the weather warms up.  But when it does, I can’t wait to hit some real trails with Peanut!  I’ll probably put her in the Baby Bjorn for hikes when she’s small, except for really flat trails – then we’ll use the BOB.  I’m SO excited for spring and summer family hikes – neighborhood strolls are great, but they’re not going to tide me over much longer.
6. Overcome my fear of baking bread.
7. See Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center, summer 2013.
8. Give Peanut a magical first Christmas!  (I can’t wait to be Santa.)  Done!  Read all about Peanut’s first Christmas here.  We had a wonderful, special day celebrating together as a family of three.
9. Finish reading Miss Read’s Fairacre series.  Progress: Just finished Village Centenary this month.  Fifteen down, five to go.
10. Buy myself a Longchamp bag and a new wallet.  Progress: Hubby got me a wallet for my birthday (it’s printed with a map of the Tube).  Still on the lookout for the bag.  I’d like to get a good deal, but I’ve been wanting one since college and I work hard, so why not?
11. Plant a successful herb garden.
12. Read Winnie-the-Pooh to Peanut.  Progress: We’re a few chapters in.
13. Take up Zumba.
14. Knit a sweater for Peanut and a hat for myself.  Progress: The sweater is done (I made her a blue cable-knit cardigan and gave it to her as a special Christmas gift from Mommy).  I’m about to cast on a second Peanut sweater (Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise jacket) and then will turn my attention to the hat for Mom part of this goal.  Still looking for the perfect pattern.  I’d like to make a floppy tam, with DK weight yarn and a modern lacy kind of pattern (maybe a spiral or sunburst sort of thing), and I’d love it if there was a matching mitten or fingerless glove pattern to go along with it.  Anyone know of anything?
15.  Toss or donate the clothes that I don’t like but that are still hanging in my closet.
16. Attend Potomac Paddle 2013.
17. Reconnect with an old friend.
18. Have a playdate with NICU mom friends.
19. Paint my bedroom purple.
20. Break in and wear my silver ballet flats.
21. Re-read the Anne of Green Gables series.
22. Climb Old Rag.  (This one: maybe not so realistic.  I’d need to train a lot and find a babysitter.)
23. Knit another pair of socks.
24. Buy a fabulous pair of shoes at a great price.
25. Bake a pumpkin spice cake.
26. Take Peanut to the beach.  Progress: Potential trip to the Outer Banks with my fam on the horizon!  I can’t wait to see Peanut sitting in the sand in a little swimsuit and sun hat.  Too cute.
27. Get to know the women in my neighborhood better.  Progress: After plenty of spontaneous chats while out with the stroller this fall, I feel like I’m on my way.  I’d love to get up some kind of walking group with a few ladies who also have young kids, but I haven’t taken any steps toward that idea as of yet.
28. Get back into a regular yoga practice.  Progress: I’ve been to a few yoga classes at my local studio, and practiced at home a few times.  I need to do more, but it’s a start.
29. Start a baby box for Peanut.  Progress: I have one!  So far, I’ve packed up and saved her going-home outfit, tutu from her first Halloween costume, dress from first Thanksgiving, dress from Christmas pictures, first Christmas morning outfit, a bunch of little things from the NICU (vital stats card, cross from the chaplain, baby blood pressure cuff, and my NICU parent ID bracelet), the sign one of the nurses made for her isolette, and bundled together all of the cards we got when she was first born.  I’ve also been religiously filling in her baby book with all of her milestones and pictures from her first three months (I’m going by her adjusted age).  My mom says that the box I’m using is nowhere near big enough (it’s a clear file box with Gerber daisies printed on it) but I’ll upgrade when I need to.  Sometimes I just flip through the baby book or look at the preemie and newborn clothes in the baby box and marvel at how much she’s grown.
30. Create a frame wall in my foyer.
31. Lots and lots and lots of family time with hubby and Peanut!  Progress: I’m spending as much time as possible with my two favorites and loving it.  Can’t wait until the weather warms up and Peanut completes her series of shots, so we can spend more time going on adventures and enjoying the outdoors together as a family!

2 thoughts on “31 Things: Update 1

    • Oooh, I love the pattern, though! Maybe I can use different yarn than what I was planning, because it looks gorgeous and exactly like what I was envisioning. Actually, the yarn might be fingering… it’s sock yarn, so come to think of it, it probably is… ::runs off to check::

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