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There’s been quite a lot of book news this past week or so.  Some big-deal news items, like the US Department of Justice’s approval of the proposed merger between Random House and Penguin (I’ll have more to say about that on Wednesday), some infuriating, like the best-selling author who panned the concept of libraries and inspired passionate defenses of libraries by other authors (who happen to be much more famous – Neil Gaiman and Joanne Harris, wut wut), some charming, like the NYC public school that was remamed the “Maurice Sendak Community School.”
And then there are two news stories about books that got cover remodels, and all the folks who have opinions, yo.
First up, how do you like this new look for Anne of Green Gables?
Anne of Green Gables BLONDE (Source)
I am feeling many things.  Devastated, confused, rage-stabby, nauseous.  Obviously, someone got horribly mixed up here.  Anne Shirley is not a buxom blonde.  She is a skinny twelve-year-old redhead.  And she doesn’t wear flannel shirts, not even when helping Matthew in the barn, because it’s the 1800s, OMG.  There’s so much wrong here, I’d like to talk more about it but I’m starting to feel ill again.  (And so are lots of other people.  I think this cover must be responsible for the most negative Amazon reviews the universally beloved L.M. Montgomery has ever gotten, all along the lines of ANNE’S HAIR IS RED WHYYYYYY WHYYYYYY WHYYYYYY CANNOT UNSEE EW EW EW EW EW, which is pretty much how I feel about this too.)
Before you tear out your eyeballs (I know, I wanted to as well, a thousand apologies, okay?), I have another new cover to show you, and you might like this one better.  (I said might.)
new HP (Source)
This is the new cover for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, unveiled in honor of the series’ fifteenth anniversary.  (The rest of the books are getting new duds too – all in the paperback editions.)
So, I have feelings about this, too (so many feelings today) but they’re more complicated.  Here, in no particular order, are my thoughts:
1) How has this series been around for fifteen years?  I’m old.  #needwinenow
2) I like the Diagon Alley background.
3) This is wrong.  Only the original US and UK illustrations are permitted.
4) Hedwig is so pretty.
5) This is clearly Lord Voldemort’s doing.
6) I like the colors.
7) I need a nap.
So, as you can see, I haven’t decided how I feel about the new HP cover art.  It’s kind of irrelevant because I already have all of the books and wasn’t planning to buy them again anytime soon (maybe someday, way down the line, if Peanut wants her own copies).  I like the new covers and I think that Scholastic did a great job with them, but I’m not sold on change in general when it comes to my favorite books, and the HP series is up there with my favorite books so I’m thinking maybe the cover art should remain inviolate.  I don’t know, guys, my head is spinning.  Maybe I should use Peanut’s method for deciding if she likes something.  #chewonit
Are you totally judging the new Anne of Green Gables cover too?  And what do you think about HP?  Like, dislike, confused, scared?

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