31 Things: Update 3


Well, with my 32nd birthday on the horizon, I suppose it’s time to step back and take stock of the year.  (After all, isn’t stepping back and taking stock what bloggers do best?)  Items completed or postponed/cancelled are crossed out.

1. Spend lots of time snuggling and loving Peanut while she’s still tiny.  Most important thing on my list!  Motherhood is magical, and I’m soaking up every moment of it.  This is one loveable kid:


2. Get into the habit of better skin care.  I haven’t done as good of a job creating a skin care routine as I’d hoped to.  I’ll be continuing to work on this next year.

3. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy (long overdue).   Done.  Read about my impressions of the trilogy here.

4. Run the GW Parkway Classic 2013.   Calling this one done.  I revised this goal because what I really wanted was to get back into road racing.  My sister-in-law and I ran the Healthy Strides Community 5K in April, and I called it “my icebreaker race” because I was breaking back into this hobby after a long hiatus.  (I ran consistently until January 2012, when I injured my foot.  Then in February 2012, I got pregnant and running felt wrong, so I shelved it for the good of the baby – which I later learned was a very smart thing to do, since I was put first on activity restrictions and later on strict bed rest due to some very uncool, scary complications.)  I’m currently in the midst of training for the Buffalo-Niagara YMCA Turkey Trot (an 8K, or roughly 5 miles).


5. Take plenty of family hikes with hubby and the little miss.  We’ve definitely done this.  Peanut’s been on several hikes in the BOB stroller and most recently in the Baby Bjorn, on Daddy.  She loves to be worn!  We’ve had so much fun showing her around our favorite trails, including Great Falls.  Can’t wait to explore our new area with our little sidekick in the upcoming year.


6. Overcome my fear of baking bread.  Um, yeah, this didn’t happen this year.  Maybe next year.

7. See Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center, summer 2013.  Had to let go of this one.  Maybe next year, on Broadway?

8. Give Peanut a magical first Christmas!  (I can’t wait to be Santa.)  Done!  Read all about Peanut’s first Christmas here.


9. Finish reading Miss Read’s Fairacre series. Done!  I’ve been meaning to post about the series after finishing it (I did write about binging on Fairacre last year), so look for that soon.

10. Buy myself a Longchamp bag and a new wallet. — Got the wallet; waiting on the bag for awhile.  There are other things I’d rather have right now, so I’m saving my pennies for those instead.

11. Plant a successful herb garden.  This one went out the window when we sold our house and moved to Buffalo.  Maybe in a future year I’ll get it together enough to do this.

12. Read Winnie-the-Pooh to Peanut.  Done!  I can’t even describe how much it has meant to me to share one of my favorite children’s books with Peanut.  Look for a “Peanut’s Picks” post on this in the next couple of months.  ;-)

13. Take up Zumba.  I started going to a class that met during my lunch hour on Tuesdays in DC, and it was a lot of fun.  Now I need to find a class in Buffalo.  My cousin tipped me off to one that I may check out, if it works with the schedule.

14. Knit a sweater for Peanut and a hat for myself.  Made two sweaters for Peanut (including the one pictured below – so sweet) and a sweater for a (former) colleague’s little guy, also a NICU kid.  Didn’t get to the hat, though.  I cast on and then realized that it wouldn’t fit, so I had to frog.  I’m planning to try again as soon as I locate my circular needles.  They’re in a box somewhere.

christmas sweater

15. Toss or donate the clothes that I don’t like but that are still hanging in my closet.  Did this in connection with packing for our big Buffalo move, and it felt great.  I took a carful to Goodwill and was so glad.  I have a few more piles of stuff that made the move because I ran out of time for errands, but that’s all destined for Goodwill soon, too.  The process was cathartic, but it did lead to some “What was I thinking?” moments.  Like the white blazer; very “optometrist chic.” #yesthatisarealthing #actuallynoitisnt

16. Attend Potomac Paddle 2013.  This didn’t happen, and I’m disappointed about that.

17. Reconnect with an old friend.  I did this.  I actually had someone else in mind when I wrote that goal, and I still need to reach out to her.  But the person I did manage to reconnect with is also special to me, and I’m glad that we re-kindled our friendship.

18. Have a playdate with NICU mom friends. Did this!  Two of my mom friends from our NICU brought their little guys over and Peanut had a blast playing with her friends.  It was so much fun to have little boys in the house, and I loved catching up with their moms.  We didn’t manage to get together again before I moved, so I’m extra glad we made it happen once.

19. Paint my bedroom purple. Didn’t happen.

20. Break in and wear my silver ballet flats. Done!  Well, not my silver ones, but I broke in my black ballet flats and they’re now my go-anywhere, do-anything shoes.  In fact, I wore them so much that I now need them resoled.

21. Re-read the Anne of Green Gables series.  Done – or will be by the time my birthday rolls around in a week!  Look for posts about each individual book, and then about the series, coming over the next couple of months.

22. Climb Old Rag.  (This one: maybe not so realistic.  I’d need to train a lot and find a babysitter.)  Didn’t happen.  I need to find a good, challenging hike for next year.  Maybe one of the Adirondack 46 hikes?

23. Knit another pair of socks.

24. Buy a fabulous pair of shoes at a great price. I found these gorgeous ladies on the 70% off rack at Shoes by Lara, an independent shoe store near my office in DC.  Don’t mind if I do!


25. Bake a pumpkin spice cake.  Delicious.  I had originally planned to make this my birthday cake, but hubby has something else in mind.  🙂  So I made it in honor of his first week of work at the new job and we took it over to share with the grandparents after a day of apple-picking.  Yum.

26. Take Peanut to the beach.  Another one I let go of this year.  Maybe next year.

27. Get to know the women in my neighborhood better.  Lots of stop-and-chats on walks, and I definitely felt part of the neighborhood.  Just in time to move.

28. Get back into a regular yoga practice.  Didn’t do this, but I’m hoping to be better going forward.  Moving has made me really tight, so I need yoga in my life again.

29. Start a baby box for Peanut.   Done!  I have an adorable baby box and I’ve been keeping up with it as Peanut has special milestones.  I’m also faithfully filling in her baby book.

30. Start a frame wall in my foyer.  Not going to happen in our rental.  Maybe this will be something I can do when we buy a house again.

31.  Lots and lots of family time with hubby and Peanut.  Did this.  We were lucky in that we had some time together in Buffalo right after we moved, before hubby started his new job.  And before (and after) he went back to work, we enjoyed plenty of weekend outings and morning and evening snuggles together.  I love those two nuts.


What a fun year it’s been!  I can’t believe how many of these items I’ve actually crossed off.  My first full year of parenting, a big move, and lots of family time.  I’m lucky for sure.  Next week, check back for my “32 things” list.  There’ll be two items on there that are BIG (don’t get too excited, though – they have nothing to do with babies).

6 thoughts on “31 Things: Update 3

  1. Look at what a good year you’ve had! We would so get along–hiking and yoga are my two favorite activities. I hope you’re able to find a studio near your new home that works for you.

  2. Happy Birthday (in advance)! It sounds like it’s been a great year! Motherhood IS magical. Instead of focusing on how I’m growing older (have I really been 32 for 6 1/2 months?), I’m focusing on how my kids are developing and how cool that is. Each year has been even more fun than the last.

    Peanut is adorable! I know you’ve mentioned before that her hair has some red it in, but it looks VERY red in these pictures!

    • Thank you! Focusing on the kids sounds like exactly the right attitude; I think I’ll have to adopt it for myself. There’s plenty there at the moment, since Peanut seems to learn new tricks every day.

      And yes, I definitely have a little redhead. She’s full-on copper lately, like a little penny. I LOVE it – I always wished I could trade my blonde hair for red when I was a little girl (enough time spent with Anne Shirley will get anyone craving red hair) – so I’m so glad that she has it, even though I still don’t think it will last. It’s already fading a little bit, but she’s certainly a strawberry blonde. I expect she’ll end up with light brown hair, but I’m going to cherish her red locks as long as she’s got them. I know you’re a fan of redheads too! 😀

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