Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

Ahhhhhhh.  That was quite a weekend!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because not only does it include some of my most-anticipated food of the year (turkey! cranberry sauce with rings! mashed potatoes!), but it also kicks off a month or more of delicious pre-Christmas anticipation.

As promised, I’m back to give a full recap of our Thanksgiving weekend festivities – because this Thanksgiving did go on all weekend.

Thanksgiving Day

I’ve already told you about my morning – running the Buffalo Turkey Trot with my sisters-in-law Emma and Grace.  (By the way, here’s a cool article about the Turkey Trot, which I meant to share on Friday, found via my friend Zan’s blog I Choose Buffalo.)  So, picking up from there: amidst the finish line craziness, Emma and Grace and I reunited with my father-in-law, who was our chauffeur and spectator-in-chief for the morning.  Dad drove us back to my in-laws’ house where we all got cleaned up and pitched in with the final stages of meal preparation.


Soon my little turkey arrived and Thanksgiving was complete.



I even got the chance to take some “three generations” photos!


Dinner was served around 1:30 and it was delish.


My plate:


Post-meal, we lounged around reading or napping and discussing the ridiculous view out the window.



Our family Christmas traditions start on the Friday after Thanksgiving, when we decorate our tree.  (We have an artificial tree, so we can put it up as early as we like and leave it up as long as we want to.)  Some years, it’s just been hubby and me decorating.  Other years, if we’ve been hosting weekend guests for Thanksgiving, we include them in the festivities.  This year we invited my in-laws over to decorate and I can see that becoming our new tradition.  Everyone had such fun!  (And the tree was trimmed in record time with all those extra helping hands.)

Pre-trimming, all assembled and waiting for decorations:


Snacks!  (That’s red and green bell peppers with a rosemary and white bean dip, and a port wine cheese log, which I must have for this particular gathering.)


Post-trimming (look for a post coming soon about some new ornaments we acquired just before leaving Virginia):


And a new part of the tradition: entertaining Peanut with Christmas book ’ems:


Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was our second Thanksgiving, the big extended-family celebration at hubby’s aunt’s house.  It was a delicious meal – of course – and a great time.  I didn’t get any pictures, though, because I was on baby duty all evening while hubby caught up with family and friends he rarely sees.  My night was spent making loops of the house, holding Peanut’s hands while she toddled after the dog.  Yep – this weekend Peanut really started to get the hang of using two feet to get around, so long as she has someone’s hands to hold.  I spent most of Saturday and Sunday bent over at the waist, heh.

On Sunday we had a relaxing day at home, which we needed after all of that celebrating earlier in the weekend:


Happy Thanksgiving (again), friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

    • Haha, thanks! Steve bought them for me last Christmas. They are pretty cozy! I’m glad to see that you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend, too. And now it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. Glad you had such a good Thanksgiving and look at that snow! We’ve had two snowfalls so far but none has lasted more than a few days. Enjoy this magical holiday time with the Peanut. 🙂

    • Thank you! We’re really excited to celebrate Christmas with her this year. She doesn’t have any inkling what is coming, of course, but she’s old enough now that she’s aware of quite a lot, which makes it fun.

      I’m sure that your town is just gorgeous in a snowfall!

    • Thank you! I know, is the snow not ridiculous? My in-laws do live in a mini snow belt so they had a lot more out in the country than we did in the city… but we still had too much for my liking. Mother Nature needs to wait until December to snow. Anything earlier than that, I take as a personal affront.

      • Heh, true story! DC has never really handled snow well, in my opinion. Although getting a week “off” work due to a few inches of snowfall was always fun. 😀

    • Thanks!

      The rings are necessary, amirite? 😀 It was funny, at dinner, my mother-in-law provided chunky homemade cranberry sauce and cranberry sauce with rings “for Daddy” – and then we noticed that everyone except my mother-in-law had gone for the canned stuff! So we amended it to say “cranberry sauce with rings, and homemade for mom.” LOL.

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