Take Your Child to the Library Day

(Isn’t that every day?)

Hubby’s mom was in town visiting this weekend, and we were hoping to find a fun activity to do on Saturday.  We’d originally planned to attend a winter festival that was taking place in Delaware Park, but the weather was iffy – snow that could turn to rain any minute (and did by mid-afternoon).  So we’d ruled that out and were pretty much settled on staying in and playing all afternoon when I saw a tweet from the Buffalo Library urging everyone to come down to the Central branch for Take Your Child to the Library Day.  They promised games, activities and crafts with an “Oz” theme.  (I wasn’t sure whether that meant “Wizard of…” or Australia, but was intrigued either way.  Turns out it was “Wizard of…”)

We immediately bundled Peanut into the car and headed down to the library.  She loves a visit to the “booka-bookas” any day, but she was particularly thrilled to be turned loose and given free access to the children’s section:


She especially loved finding plenty of book storage down at her level:


Most of the games and activities, and all of the crafts, were intended for bigger kids.  There was a play kitchen that smaller kids could enjoy, but Peanut didn’t seem too interested.  The library staff had thoughtfully laid out several baskets of books, so we spent some time sitting at one of the little tables and reading together before Peanut wandered off to check out the offerings on the shelves.  Then there was a lot of this:



What a fun day!  Peanut usually doesn’t get the chance to sit and play with the library “bookas” because we’re always in a rush to return books or pick up a hold and then get back for naptime.  And we haven’t been able to make story hour because it’s been scheduled during Peanut’s morning nap (which is her big, important, non-negotiable nap of the day).  So spending an hour just wandering around and checking out the bookish goodies was quite the treat for her.  We’re definitely going to have to do this again, at our own branch and on our own time.

What bookish fun did you get up to this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Take Your Child to the Library Day

  1. Finished off the last 2 chapters of Thoreau’s “Walden”, visited one of my all-time favorite bookstores and picked up a new book about Pinterest at the library. I’m thinking about creating a book-related Pinterest site and linking it to my blog. Maybe in time….

    • That’s a very bookish weekend indeed! What bookstore did you visit? I have a particular soft spot for Kramerbooks. 🙂 And did you enjoy WALDEN? I remember loving it back when I was a teenager, although the reading environment probably contributed to my enjoyment of the book. I read most of it while floating in my kayak in a secluded bay near my parents’ lake house.

      I’ve got a Pinterest board of bookshelves and reading spaces – I love pinning to it. Just looking at that pinboard relaxes me.

      • McKay’s Books in Manassas. I happened to be out that way.

        Walden had some good thoughts, but it took me a long time to get through it. Librarians: “What, are you renewing this AGAIN?” 🙂

      • Oh, I’ve never been to McKay’s! Glad you had a good time. I’m going to need to dust off WALDEN and see if I love it as much at 32 as I did at 16. Although my brother gave me Thoreau’s THE MAINE WOODS for Christmas, so I think I might dip into that one first.

  2. She is SO your daughter. I love it.

    I picked up six (!) library holds and started the newest Flavia de Luce mystery this weekend. Loving it so far, of course.

    • Ha, I know, right?! And to think I was all worried when I was expecting her that she might not like books. Book ’em book ’em book ’em…

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new Flavia. I can’t wait to read it, but of course I need to read #4 and #5 first. Six library holds – wow! I have three holds out right now, plus one that I grabbed off the shelf. I think I’d be going crazy if I had six to read at the moment… Hope they’re warming up your morning commutes!

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