Tea Stash Tour, Part 3: New Job, New Stash


Remember when I showed you my out of control tea stash at home, and then (like, 18 months later) my crazy drawer o’ tea at work?  I’ve been working on whittling those down, because, let’s be honest: no one needs quite that many choices.  And while I can’t say I’ve bought nothing since we moved, I’ve been doing pretty well at drinking down some of my back stash.  It also helps that I started a new job a few months ago, and now I’m back to keeping part of the stash in my desk for morning, noon, afternoon and anytime pick-me-ups.  Here’s what I have at work these days:


English Afternoon tea in bags from Harrods (I’ve finished this since snapping the pic, and now have another cute container for my office supplies); Bird’s Tongue Jasmine (from R’s stash, brought back after a trip to Hong Kong – she took the rest of her tea back, but left me this because I love it so much); Decaf Earl Grey and Strawberry Green tea from Kusmi, purchased on a trip to NYC.


Some decaf favorites: Wissotsky Fruit Galore (tart and tasty); Celestial Seasonings Mint Magic (a childhood favorite); Republic of Tea Hibiscus Coconut Superflower (for when I need a taste of the tropics at my desk); Traditional Medicinals Chamomile with Lavender (another favorite – I keep a box at home too); Tazo Wild Sweet Orange (just one bag that was floating around my desk, and has since been consumed).


My work tea stash wouldn’t be complete without a few D.C. favorites!  Earl Grey and Green Tropical Tea from The Spice and Tea Exchange (favorite Old Town tea purveyor); Chai, World Peace, Ginger Ginseng, and Now & Zen from my beloved Teaism.

So there you have it!  I’m sure the stash will grow the longer I’m in this job.  Do you keep a drawer of tea at work?  Do people think you’re totally weird?  My coworkers do.


10 thoughts on “Tea Stash Tour, Part 3: New Job, New Stash

    • I think you can actually order them online! I got mine on a trip to London, though, and I recommend that way. 😀

      • Isn’t that food hall great at Harrod’s? I could happily wander around in there for hours.

        My only souvenir from Harrod’s was a photography book about London. Funny — I thought Harrod’s might be fabulously expensive throughout the store but in some ways, it’s similar to U.S. department stores.

      • LOVE the Harrods food hall. I always have to make a stop at the tea and coffee department. One of these years we’ll take a picnic from the food hall, maybe eat it by the Thames… that sounds like kind of an amazing foodie experience.

      • Either that…or take it across the road to Hyde Park…and let Peanut run around while you’re enjoying the beautiful scenery with the palaces off in the distance….

        *wistful sigh* I miss London.

      • Same here, my friend, same here. And I can’t WAIT to see Peanut running around in Hyde Park. If only we could all jump on a plane right now!

  1. Yup, I have a tea drawer at work (it’s very, very messy) and a tea cabinet at home (also very, very messy). Right now, I’m enjoying iced teas. What’s exciting is that my twins have become major tea drinkers too (mostly greens, whites, and herbals). It’s really fun to share new teas with them.

    • Love that your girls are drinking tea now! I can’t wait until Peanut is can enjoy tea. I’m thinking of giving her some lukewarm chamomile soon, but want to ask the pediatrician before I introduce any herbals… Tea for all!

  2. I do have a tea drawer at work – mostly black fruity or spicy blends I can drink without milk. Luckily my office has a communal electric kettle – several of us are tea drinkers!

    • Electric kettle – that’s a nice perk! (<–see what I did there? heh) I love my black fruity blends, too, but I go in more for vanillas and almonds instead of spice.

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