A Day By The Lake

Lake 1

For months I’ve been looking forward to a nice (warm!) summer day at my parents’ lake house.  We live five hours away, so we couldn’t just hop over there anytime like my family did when I was growing up – so now it’s a special treat to spend a day or two there in a summer.  When we received an invitation to a wedding on the fourth of July, in central Massachusetts, I knew that it was a perfect chance to build a day at the lake into the trip.  We arrived in Albany on July 3rd and left Peanut with my parents while we drove to the wedding in the afternoon on the fourth.  We left early in the morning on the fifth and headed straight to the lake, where Peanut and my parents were having lunch when we got there.  I was so glad to be there, I immediately ran down to the waterfront and snapped a picture of one of my favorite views (above).

Lake 2

I was also glad to see my little girl.  I missed her!  She was having so much fun playing in the grass on the terrace.  It was amazing to see her discovering a place where I’ve been coming since before I can remember.

Lake 3

She was, however, sorely in need of a nap, so we put her down and then hung out in Adirondack chairs on the terrace, chatting about the wedding and watching my dad windsurf.  (That’s him above.)  After awhile, I went down to sit on the dock and drink in the views.

Lake 6

Lake 4

It was just  a leeeeeeetle bit breezy.

Lake 5

When Peanut woke up, she got some quality time in playing with Nana and Grandad and some of my extended family members (they have a place right next door, and we all mill about on our adjoining waterfront).  Then we got some more visitors!

Lake 9

Nana has been feeding these ducklings all spring, in hopes that they would make her a regular stop on their daily tours – so that when Peanut arrived they would come over for a visit.  We rushed to the waterfront with stale bread for them.

Lake 8

Peanut didn’t quite get the concept.  Whenever my mom handed her a piece of bread, she batted it away and it would land somewhere else on the dock.  But she loved watching the ducks snap up the pieces of bread that the rest of us were throwing.

Lake 10

The wind had been blowing hard all day and – instead of calming like it usually does – was actually picking up as the afternoon wore on to evening.  So we decided to eat dinner indoors.  My dad grilled chicken and made sandwiches on ciabatta rolls, with rosemary aoli – yum.  Peanut was too excited to eat and spent the dinner hour carrying these two lanterns around the living room in some sort of adorable toddler reenactment of Paul Revere’s ride.  We headed back to our beds for the night after dinner, because we had an early alarm and a big adventure planned for the next day – so check back here on Friday for that.

How did you spend your Fourth of July weekends?

8 thoughts on “A Day By The Lake

  1. MA is so lovely! The lake looks gorgeous. Albany is kind of a cool spot for your parents to be, close to the Adirondack Mountains, do you ever go there after visiting your parents?

    • Thanks, the lake is beautiful! My writing was kind of unclear, though – the lake is not in MA. (We were only there for the wedding, and left first thing in the morning.) The lake is about an hour northwest of Albany, in the Adirondack foothills. (Basically, not in the park, but in the general region.) I love the Adirondacks – we spent a lot of time in the region when I was growing up, hiking and kayaking in the summers, skiing in the winter. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world!

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