Marathon Training Log: Weeks 3-4


Marathon training is on a (hopefully) brief hiatus at the moment while I sort out a couple of issues that have arisen starting last week.  One I can’t explain, but another is a major problem.  There have been a series of incidents (including a bad scare to someone close to me) with creepers targeting female runners in my neighborhood and the neighborhood just next door, including right on some routes I run regularly.  As a result I’m not comfortable running in my neighborhood right now and I’m trying to figure out a solution, which might involve driving to another neighborhood to run (cumbersome) or else getting a very short-term gym membership.  I can’t let the not-running go on much longer if I’m going to be ready for this marathon, so I’ve got to figure it out.  Anyway, here are weeks three and four.

June 29: Rest.  Recovering from the Fifty Yard Finish Half Marathon.

June 30: Rest.  More recovery.

July 1: Rest.  I like to give myself plenty of time to get back to 100% after running a half, but tomorrow I’ll be ready to go again.

July 2: 3 mile run.  First run back after the half, feeling pretty good.

July 3: 3 mile run.  Picked up a bruised toe during the half and while it doesn’t hurt, it looks disgusting.

July 4: Rest.  Lots of time in the car driving to a wedding.  Yay for the happy couple, boo for all of the driving.

July 5: Rest.  We have a big adventure planned for tomorrow, so we just relax and enjoy a day at the lake today.

July 6: 6.2 mile hike up a mountain!  We climb our first two Adirondack high peaks, Cascade and Porter, which is a major workout but the views are worth every bead of sweat.

July 7-11: NO RUNNING.  Between the creeper and not having a good shoe option right now (I tried to return my too-small shoes, but they didn’t have my size in stock.  I’m still waiting) I have not found a way to run.  I’m trying to figure these issues out because if I’m going to run a marathon in October, I have to train!  I know they say that you can’t be afraid of the weirdos because that’s letting them win, but, well, it’s another story when you know there’s a creep out there targeting women on the routes you run, at the times you run.  I’m just not going to put myself in that situation.  But I have to find another way.

July 12: Stroller Strides!  Between the instructor being away at a conference, and then my half, and then traveling over the fourth of July weekend, I hadn’t been to class in three weeks.  It felt so good to get back and get in a good strength workout with my favorite Buffalo moms.

So that’s that.  Week 3 went pretty much as I had planned for after a half marathon, but the wheels totally came off in week 4.  I’m working on putting them back on – here’s hoping I will be back out on the roads soon.

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