Weekend in an Instagram

I always seem to take more photos and use Instagram more on the weekends – I guess weekend moments are just better for preserving.  (And no one, least of all me, wants to see picture after picture of my computer keyboard or morning Earl Grey.)  We had a fun, relaxing weekend and I snapped quite a few pictures, so I thought I’d share.


On Saturday we went for a hike at Knox Farm again.  It was supposed to be grey but it turned out a beautiful day.  We wandered through the wooded trails and anytime we came to a fork, we let Peanut direct us which way to go.  Miraculously, despite leaving navigation up to a 23-month-old, we didn’t get lost.


Beautiful blue skies.  Peanut must have been remembering her last hike, because she kept shouting “High peak!”  Not quite, kid, not quite.


One of my favorite things about Knox Farm is all the birdhouses they have around.  Not only do they attract some beautiful birds (I saw a gorgeous yellow-and-black one on Saturday, making me wish again that I was a birder… but I have enough hobbies) but they’re just sweet scenery in their own rights.


After the hike we headed into East Aurora to sample the wings at Bar-Bill.  One of hubby’s co-workers promised us that Bar-Bill had the best wings in WNY (which means the best wings in the world).  After some reflection, hubby decided that he agrees.  Personally, I still prefer Duff’s.  The wings at Bar-Bill were a little too saucy for my preference – Duff’s makes them drier, which I like better.  I also wasn’t overly impressed with the service at Bar-Bill.  We were the first people to sit down and order during the lunch hour, and multiple other tables got their meals before we did.  When you’re ravenous from a hike and you have an almost-2-year-old with you (Peanut is a good kid, but all toddlers are ticking time bombs in restaurants) you notice when a table that sat down 20 minutes after you gets their food first, and you don’t appreciate it.  I’m willing to make allowances for an obviously busy restaurant, but this one wasn’t busy at all – other than a few guys drinking at the bar, we were the only people inside when we placed our order.  I did, however, much prefer Bar-Bill’s fries to Duff’s, so that’s something.


Speaking of eating, we’re working on teaching Peanut to use utensils.  We should have done this a long time ago and I admit it’s my fault she can’t use them yet.  It’s so much faster and tidier to feed her myself.  But she needs to learn.  She seems to have inherited her mother’s appreciation for efficiency, though, and since she’s already mastered eating with her fingers, she thinks that spoons are for the birds.


Sunday was a relaxing day at home that we spent just hanging out…


Hosting a small group of furry friends for brunch…


And snuggling.  Perfect.

How was your weekend?

7 thoughts on “Weekend in an Instagram

    • I know, how time flies. Can’t believe how big she is these days. But she’ll always be my preemie princess!

      I never got to spend much time in the Shenandoah area and I regret that. Exploring the national park was high on my to-do list in D.C. but it never happened. Something for the future, I guess.

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