Halloween 2014

Halloween 21

Happy (boo-lated) Halloween!  In the spirit of catching up and documenting our family fun in this little online diary, I’ve got plenty of pictures of our Halloween festivities (such as they were) to share.  We currently have six feet of snow on the ground, so it’s hard for me to believe that these pictures were snapped only a few weeks ago…  But that’s a story for another day.  In the meantime, our Halloween fun!

Halloween 3

We started off the holiday with a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Once again, we decided to visit a small family farm instead of the giant pumpkin colossus.  No regrets there – the family farm was still crawling with kids and alive with activity.  Now that Peanut is two, she needed a ticket of her own to enter – but that ticket bought her a pumpkin of her own and two pony rides (she only took one – more on that below).

Halloween 1

First things first, we headed for the barns to say hello to the animals.  Last year, Peanut started to cry at the first sight of an animal.  This year, she was still a bit hesitant, but a little more interested in the furry folk.

Halloween 2

Still clung to Daddy in the barn, though.

Halloween 4

After the barn, we hit the general store.  (Blurry picture alert – sorry!)

Halloween 15

Halloween 14 2

The store was packed full of lots of goodies – delicious looking apples, buttered popcorn, and pretty gourds among them – but we were there for one purpose…

Halloween 16

DONUTS!  Last year I was doing a Whole30 over Halloween, so I didn’t get to partake, and I haven’t forgotten the amazing sugary scent since.  This year I was determined to get a donut of my own… or at least one to share with Peanut.  Plus, it was the between-breakfast-and-lunch witching hour in which pregnancy hunger hits hard.  I made a beeline for the donuts.

Halloween 5

We each got a donut and Peanut nibbled off of our treats.  I don’t know if I was just really hungry or if this donut really was the most delicious thing ever made, but… oh, my word.  It was amazing.  Warm, soft, and sugary.  I wanted a second one, but I managed to restrain myself.  After donuts we headed over to the pony rides.  No pictures of the pony ride, because Peanut whimpered, went boneless, and generally acted like she was being tortured the entire time she was on the (gentle, sweet) pony.  What terrible parents we are, making her take a pony ride!  (In our defense, we thought she’d love it, and once she was on she had to complete the loop.)  The pony ride did make a big impression, though, because she’s been talking about it ever since.  Almost every day, she tells us “You ride a pony yesterday!”  (“You” is Peanut for “I” or “me,” and yesterday is anytime in the past.  Toddler-speak.)

Halloween 7

After the pony torture, we hopped in a tractor-pulled wagon for a ride around the property.  Peanut was still pretty clingy, but interested in the other kids.

Halloween 6

I attempted to take a selfie with Peanut, but this was the best I could do.  Blurry, she’s looking away from the camera, and I’m rocking hubby’s jacket (it zips over Nugget, no shame ladies).

Our destination:

Halloween 8

Pumpkins!  Peanut immediately found a broken, rotted pumpkin and attempted to claim it as her own.  We took it away, and Peanut cried for the lost love of her life.  Mean parents.

Halloween14 1

Once the rotten pumpkin tantrum was over, Peanut got into the spirit of looking around for the perfect family pumpkins.

Halloween 19

The bigger, the better.

Halloween 20

There were sooooooo many choices!  Hundreds of pumpkins in the field, and we were entitled to take three home with us.  Clearly, important decisions had to be made.

Halloween 12

Halloween 9

We pretty much succeeded in our goal of finding pumpkins that were reasonably round and not too dirty.

The following Friday, we attended a trick-or-treating party at Buffalo-Niagara Heritage Village.  I didn’t get a single picture and the event was a total bust.  We arrived late, which meant that the Stroller Strides group we planned to walk with had already been released to collect their candy, and we were on our own without our friends. Even so, we tried to make it a fun night for Peanut – but she hated it.  She was terrified of everything – the dark, the houses, the actors dressed up in period costume, even some of the other kids.  She refused to hold her candy bag and clung to me whimpering the entire night.  Poor little scaredy-cat!  Maybe next year, she’ll have more fun.

Halloween itself was a week after the party debacle.  We live in a rural area at the end of a long driveway, and we didn’t get home until 6:00 that day, so we totally struck out on trick-or-treaters.  Womp, womp.  Fortunately, we weren’t expecting many kids, so we didn’t buy too much candy.  Meanwhile, we decided that Peanut was still too little to go door-to-door (next year, for sure) but she did get the chance to trick-or-treat twice with her school (they did parties on Thursday and Friday to make sure that none of the part-time kids were left out) and on Friday at Daddy’s office.  She was the only kid to show up to the office, so she was showered with donuts and candy… but our funny little girl was more interested in playing with the keyboard, calculator, and paper at a secretarial workstation.

And if you’re wondering what she dressed as, this year Peanut was…

Halloween 23

An Afghan princess!  Sorry, that’s the only picture I took.  Peanut’s godmother, Aunt R, bought her this beautiful dress, pants and head scarf in Kabul during her year spent as a civilian aid worker in Afghanistan.  I was pregnant with Peanut at the time, so R presented me with the outfit when Peanut was born.  Back then it seemed like she’d never grow into it, but she did just in time to wear a truly unique Halloween costume this year!  (Glad I didn’t wait any longer to try it on her – it was actually a bit small.)  The costume might actually have been too unique: most people assumed she was Red Riding Hood and I got a lot of strange looks when I explained, “She’s not Red Riding Hood, she’s an Afghan princess, that’s a head scarf and anyway it’s pink.”  But she also got a lot of compliments – her preschool teachers and directors loved the outfit and were mightily impressed when I told them it was a genuine Afghan dress.  I doubt we’ll be able to come up with something quite as cool next year, but we were pretty pleased with this year’s costume!

And there we have it – Halloween, three weeks late!  We did our best to make it fun for Peanut, but she was frightened of pretty much everything this year.  Hoping to make Thanksgiving a little more fun for her…

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