Nursery Rhymes: First Tracks and Setbacks

Well, here we go!  I can’t believe that I’m 34 weeks pregnant and we’re only now getting around to working on the nursery.  I guess second kids really are different.  Between work, pregnancy and chasing a toddler around, I just haven’t had the energy to face the big task of furnishing and decorating another room.  But Nugget is coming… in six weeks or less.  The possibility that it could be less feels very real – at this time in my last pregnancy, Peanut was already three weeks out of the oven.  I hope he stays in until March, but in any event, things are not going to get less crazy around here, so we really needed to get going on this project.

When we bought the house, we already knew to expect an addition to the family, so we thought carefully about which room would become Nugget’s little space.  We chose a bedroom for him and then proceeded to use it as a dumping ground for all kinds of random stuff.  Behold:

Nursery Before

Just keeping it real.  Pretty bad, right?  And that’s actually not a true before – that’s after I’d gone through and thrown a bunch of things away, and started organizing bath products into the green bins along the wall.  Anyway, now you can see why the whole idea was so exhausting to me.

Enter hubby.  He spent a few hours clearing out the mess and this was the result:

Empty Nursery

Ahhhh – much better!  Ready for paint and… furniture?  Yeah, about that.  I’ve shown you the first tracks.  Now, for the setbacks.  Back in December, I ordered nursery furniture for Nugget, from Land of Nod.  Hubby and I decided to go with Land of Nod because we had been so impressed with the quality, service and speed of delivery when we furnished Peanut’s nursery back in 2012.  2015?  Not so much.

After more than a month went by without a call to schedule delivery, I called Land of Nod’s customer service to ask about the status.  I was told that the furniture I’d ordered was not actually available for delivery to the East Coast.  When I asked why I hadn’t been notified that there was a problem with my order, I was just told, “Oh, yes, we see no attempt at contact was made.”  They then told me that they might be able to shift some of the order to a different warehouse and then do a long-distance shipment to my area, but it was going to take a long time – even if the furniture could be found (and there was no guarantee we’d even get that far) it wouldn’t be available for shipment until March.  Guess who else is being shipped in March (if he waits that long)?  Yeah, that’s right.  We checked our credit card statement and learned that we’d actually been charged for this order – before the furniture was delivered – and then credited a partial refund with no explanation or even identification of the piece we were being refunded for.

The next day, hubby got a cryptic voicemail message telling him that one of the pieces of furniture we ordered had been located.  Which one?  We’d have to guess.  I called customer service again and asked which piece was available and when we might expect it and was told in no uncertain terms that none of the furniture we wanted would be delivered, ever.  The customer service representative also seemed pretty annoyed that I wasn’t more sympathetic to the frustration she was feeling.  Well, sorry, lady.  But I’m pregnant, I’ve got a baby coming within the next six weeks, I ordered this furniture over a month ago, you’ve charged me for it with apparently no intention of actually delivering it… but yeah.  I’m sorry this is frustrating for you.  At that point, I requested that she cancel my order and refund any amounts I have been charged and not yet credited back.  I got a bit more attitude delivered my way, and the deed was done.

So, there we were – back to the drawing board.  Nugget has a crib (he’s inheriting Peanut’s, since she’s ready to move on to big girl sleeping arrangements) but nothing else.  Hopefully, that will change soon.  Hubby and I scrambled to put together a furniture order from Pottery Barn Kids, and I placed the order over the phone so I could get multiple assurances that the furniture I wanted was available and would actually be delivered.  I’m told that it is, and it will.  Whew – that was a little exhale.  I’ll breathe even easier when I get those long-awaited calls to schedule delivery.

So, with that, the task list remaining before Nugget takes up residence:

  • Paint the walls and trim, remove the broken mirrored closet door and install a fresh white closet door.  (We’ve actually hired someone for this task, since the closet door replacement has proven to be more complicated than we’d like, and we don’t have spare time to devote to a painting task anyway.  We called back the master painter/renovator who scraped our popcorn ceilings before we moved into this house, because we were so impressed with the speed and quality of his work.  Good to know someone like that!)
  • Receive the furniture delivery (crossing fingers and toes and eyes) and move the crib into the nursery.
  • Frame and hang art piece (I ordered an archival quality print from the same artist who did the print in Peanut’s room).
  • Set up book and toy storage and lighting.
  • Hang wall decal over the crib (I’ve ordered a cute one from the same Etsy artist who did the print) and order and hang Nugget’s wall letters (once he officially has a name, which he doesn’t yet).
  • Set up Nugget’s crib and fill the dresser with his little clothes, diapers, blankies and bibs.

If this isn’t all done by the time Nugget comes home, I’m fine with that.  Babies have survived for hundreds of years without perfectly decorated nurseries filled with Land of Nod  Pottery Barn furniture.  All he really needs is food, shelter, warm clothes and love, and he’s certainly going to have all of that from the moment he takes his first breath.  But I’m hoping that he’ll stay put long enough to let us get more done than Peanut did in her nursery!

17 thoughts on “Nursery Rhymes: First Tracks and Setbacks

  1. Unreal that they charged you without shipping anything or notifying you that there was a problem. I hope the new furniture arrives without incident and I’m looking forward to seeing the new nursery all spiffed up.

    • I know – that shouldn’t have happened and was incredibly frustrating. I just hope they’ve refunded me all of the amounts. We ordered some decorative items too, which we did receive, and apparently they charged the entire order even though some of it was furniture. Very poor form and not what happened when we ordered a combination of decorative items and furniture back in 2012 for Peanut. I’m crossing my fingers that the new furniture is here in time! It’s looking good but we’re not out of the woods yet.

  2. Wow…that is SUPER poor form on Land of Nod’s part. Ridiculous that you waited over a month and they weren’t even the ones to contact you. I hope you have much better luck with PB!

    • You’ve hit on one of the things that bothered me the most about the experience. Over a month went by and I had to be the ones to call them – after they charged me with apparently no intention of actually telling me there was a problem with my order! We’re not out of the woods yet, but PB seems better. The nightstand has already shipped and will be here by Friday, and I’ve already gotten contacted to schedule delivery of one of the bigger pieces I ordered. (Waiting on the other one to be ready too, so I can knock out both deliveries at once. Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery!

    • Thanks… Yes, it really was frustrating. We had such a great experience with them last time, and we’ve had wonderful experiences with Crate&Barrel (their parent company), so I’d like to believe this experience was the exception. But as this is probably the last nursery we will be furnishing, I likely won’t be testing the waters on Land of Nod furniture ordering again.

  3. Congratulations on 34 weeks! My youngest is a 34 weeker, which is a world away from earlier prematurity (she came home on the 5th day after just being observed in the intensive care nursery). My sister had her baby on Saturday at almost 39 weeks. He’s absolutely adorable. He almost makes me want to have another one… Almost, but not quite! 😉

    • Thanks! I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I got here, and I did think of you and your youngest little one. There were a couple of weeks there where it seemed like things were starting to go in the same direction they went with Peanut, but I had a pretty reassuring appointment yesterday and I think I bought myself at least two more weeks – hopefully even more than that. I’d love to bring a full-termer home!

      And congratulations to YOU, auntie! A new baby in the family – what fun! Hope your sister is doing well. I’m sure your girls are going to LOVE playing with their new little cousin.

  4. “Oh, yes, we see no attempt at contact was made.”
    The first thing they teach you in legal writing is to use the passive voice when you need to avoid actually pinning blame on your client (“Mistakes were made …”).
    Apparently the same rubric applies to customer “service” weasels.

    • No kidding! Ironically, the customer service rep who gave me that line actually seemed genuinely sorry for the mess (although apparently powerless to fix it) – that was the first person I talked to. It was the second woman who gave me the major ‘tude.

    • Thanks! I appreciate the vote of confidence. It still seems like such a huge job, so hopefully this nesting impulse I’ve heard so much about will kick in soon…

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