Twelve Months Hiking Project: Como Lake Park (March 2015)


Whew!  We just barely squeaked in a hike – walk, really – for March.  I’d hoped that we would fit in one final hike mid-month, before Nugget’s arrival, but it was not to be; the few days leading up to his birth were a whirlwind and there was just no way a hike was going to happen.  We’ve been hibernating for two and a half weeks now, but I was getting stir crazy and was itching to get out.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the temperatures were slightly less frigid than they have been, so we decided that we would make our March walk happen after all.  We kicked around a few possibilities and decided that we didn’t want to hit the trails as hard as usual this time, since we’d certainly be walking on ice and muck, and with a newbie that seemed like a bad idea.  So we decided to walk along the road at Como Lake Park in Lancaster, New York, and that was plenty for Nugget’s first outing.


Como Lake Park is a small county park, but from what I saw on this walk I think we’re going to enjoy it.  There were several playgrounds and quite a few picnic shelters, and we encountered a good number of people out walking their dogs or just getting some fresh air, like us.


We left the Deuter child carrier at home and Peanut did most of the walk under her own power.  Of course, that slowed us down a bit, but she was a good girl and didn’t get distracted, and we didn’t mind the more leisurely pace one bit.


She did do a good portion of the hike in Daddy’s arms, too.


As for Nugget, I’d planned to wear him in my Moby wrap and zip him into my coat, but at the last minute we decided to use the stroller instead.  I swear he’s in there under those blankets.



The stroller wasn’t exactly a hit.  Nugget cried the entire time we were walking.  I think the BOB might give too smooth of a ride for him!  Nugget likes to be bounced – just walking isn’t enough; there must be altitude changes built in.  I blame all the pregnant running.  Anyway, I’m still working out my plan for hiking with Nugget, but I think I’ll be wearing him more often than not – I expect he’ll prefer that arrangement.  Still, the BOB was a good option for this particular walk – the road was nice and smooth and stroller-friendly, and we didn’t have to worry about wrestling with babywearing devices on the very first outing as a family of four.  Plenty of time for that in the future.


So there you have it – our “hike” for March.  Short and not strenuous at all, but it was perfect for this particular moment, given that I’m still recovering from childbirth (and not cleared for strenuous exercise, so a short and easy walk is about all I should be doing anyway) and that Nugget is still really brand new.  I’m counting it as a success that we got him bundled up and out in the air less than three weeks after his arrival!


Hubby: Merrell hiking boots from several millennia ago – he’s in the market for a new pair.

Peanut: Sorel winter boots.

Me: Oboz Bridgewater BDry hiking boots; BOB Revolution SE stroller; Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat.

Anyone else getting out on the trails – or roads – this month?  What’s the over-under on when the temperatures will finally warm up?  I’m SO over this cold weather.

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