Nursery Rhymes: Green Machine


Hey, look at this – a livable room!  We have made shocking amounts of progress in the nursery, considering (a) our laziness when it came to decorating this room (due mainly to being overwhelmed at work, and not to a lack of enthusiasm for Nugget); (b) Nugget’s slightly early arrival; and (c) our sleep deprivation after he came home.  Here’s what has been done since we last checked in:

  • Walls and trim painted.  The nursery used to be an ugly shade of cream that reminded me of spoiled milk, and the trim looked like yellow teeth. (You’re welcome for the visual!)  We’ve spruced it up nicely, I think, with crisp white trim and Benjamin Moore paint (the shade we chose is called “Wales Green”).  The walls now remind me of new leaf growth… which is nice, because there sure aren’t any signs of leaf growth outside the house.
  • Bedding obtained.  I ordered sheets from Pottery Barn Kids in a sweet green shade, and then Land of Nod upped its game and released this “Nature Trail” bedding (which was not available when I first started shopping for this room).  So Nugget is currently sleeping on sheets from both stores, and he finally has a cute quilt like his sister.
  • Furniture delivered.  Pottery Barn Kids came through for us in a big way after the Land of Nod disaster.  We purchased an upholstered rocker, dresser and nightstand.  (The book caddy is from Land of Nod and was shipped conventionally, so avoided the whole “sorry, but we don’t actually plan on giving you the furniture that we’ve already charged your credit card for” fiasco, and the crib is a hand-me-down from Peanut.)


  • New closet doors installed.  This was part of the room-painting deal.  I like the closet doors, but the trim did not turn out the way we had discussed with the renovator, so now I have to see if there’s a way he can come back and fix it – or else decide if I can just live with it as it is.


  • Wall decal purchased and hung.  I used to detest the idea of wall decals, but after I found super cute one for Peanut during a 3:00 a.m. online shopping expedition when she was a newbie, I came around to the idea.  It’s awfully nice to have some decor over the crib and not have to worry about anchoring it to the wall so it doesn’t fall off and injure the baby.  The theme for the nursery, which is just starting to come together, is sort of a loose “nature boy” theme.  So I chose an adorable decal of four woodland creatures from Trafalgars Square, an Etsy artist who also did the print in Peanut’s room.

That’s an awful lot of activity, considering that most of it happened during the two days before, and about the week after, Nugget was born!  We were able to get Nugget home to a room he could live in – which is to say, there’s a safe place for him to sleep and a dresser stocked with all the essentials.  (He’s been sleeping in the nursery since very early on; we tried to have him in a bassinet next to our bed, but he absolutely hated it yet was strangely willing to sleep in his crib.)  I’d say we’re probably 90% of the way to a completed room – the only tasks remaining are small decorating matters.  Namely:

  • Frame and hang Nugget’s two art prints.  I ordered an “Adventure Boy” print and a crowd scene of woodland animals from Trafalgars Square (can you tell I’m obsessed with her work?  So cute…) and a pair of espresso stained frames.  I’ve got the frames and the prints all ready; all that remains is to actually put the prints into the frames and hang them up on either side of the big picture window.
  • Address the closet trim issue.  Can you see, in the picture above, how the trim is painted green and is just one piece along the top of the closet?  I think it looks okay, but it’s not what I had specified when I met with the painter who also installed the closet door.  I had wanted white trim with mitred corners extending all the way around the closet.  I need to talk to the painter to find out why it wasn’t done that way and whether it’s even possible to do (I thought it was; after all, we talked about it).  I didn’t see the trim going up because I was in the hospital having the baby as the doors were being installed.  It might end up staying this way, but I at least want to find out if it’s possible to get what I thought I ordered.
  • Receive and hang up Nugget’s wall letters.  I had to wait until after Nugget was born to order them, since although we pretty much decided on his name back in November, there was always the chance we’d change our minds if we met him and the name just didn’t seem to fit.  (It did fit, and Nugget’s name is indeed what we thought it would be, but you never know!)  I ordered espresso stained letters from Pottery Barn Kids and they are on their way.  As soon as they get here, I’m planning to hang them over his dresser.
  • Finish up arranging toy storage.  Peanut has a lot of baby toys that she no longer uses, and they are now Nugget’s – but most of them are still stored in the playroom.  I plan to move at least a few of them to the basket in his room.  I also ordered a cute plush campfire from Land of Nod, along with little pine tree and s’mores pillow buddies, and I need to set those up.  At the moment, toys are really beyond Nugget, and the only person actually playing with his toys is Peanut.  But he’ll appreciate the toys soon enough!
  • Iron and insert Nugget’s crib skirt.  Hubby set up the crib not knowing that I had purchased a new crib skirt, so Nugget is currently using Peanut’s “pretty pleats” skirt.  Not a major issue, of course, but he does actually have something a little more manly, and I need to get it in there.
  • Replace the ugly eighties tan light switch and outlet plates with crisp, modern white (this should take me about five minutes once I’ve made the time to get to Lowe’s).
  • Have new window blinds installed.  The blinds currently in the room look okay, but appearances lie – they’re broken.  (They don’t actually close.  Bad scene for naptime.)  We’re planning to get wooden blinds installed in both of the kids’ rooms and in the den as well, I think.  We’ve picked the new blinds out; all that remains is to order and install them.

And that’s about it!  As you can see, we’re pretty close!  That’s in large part thanks to my mom, who helped out a lot during those first few weeks at home.  Hopefully I’ll have a final update and nursery tour to show you soon.  In the meantime, I’m spending a lot of time in that room, just enjoying this adorable view…


I think the room is pretty cute!  But not nearly as cute as its inhabitant…

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