Bringing Magic Inside with a Fairy Garden


Hello hello.  Sorry for no post on Wednesday.  It’s been a bit of a hectic week – Peanut came down with a 24-hour bug on Saturday and, although she was mostly better by Monday, she had to take a sick day from school in order to comply with the fever-free for 24 hours policy.  And on top of that, Nugget has his second cold, poor guy.  Even one day home with two moderately sick kids had me wrecked – I don’t know how SAHMs do it.  Nugget had a wild ride on Monday because Peanut is way too loud and interesting to allow for naps, and we’ve spent the rest of the week trying to claw our way back to our normal routine.  Hence no writing time for a Wednesday post, and a late post today – but better late than never, right?

Last week I teased about an indoor gardening project that Peanut and I were working on in addition to our patio garden.  The indoor project is… a fairy garden!  Apparently fairy gardens are all the rage.  I’d never heard of this trend – I’m behind as usual – until my BFF, Rebecca, mentioned that another friend of hers had planted one with her daughter.  They’d potted a few succulents and put out a miniature slide and tire swing to attract fairies.  I had two thoughts: (1) that’s adorable; and (2) Peanut would LOVE this.  She’s been into fairies since discovering the Tinker Bell movie franchise (I believe there are six movies now, and we know them all by heart, Heaven help us) and I knew that planting a fairy garden would be right up her alley.  A little googling and Etsy searching revealed that you can really go nuts buying accessories for the fairies.  And I did.  Oh, I did.


An Etsy search quickly pointed me to The Little Hedgerow, which has a wealth of fairy garden accessories.  I ordered a bunch of things, planning to rotate them around as the “fairies visit the garden” – sort of like the Elf on a Shelf idea, but without the espionage and hidden agenda.  I hid the fairies’ garden tools and chair in the laundry room until we were ready to plant.


First things first, though.  I picked up a smallish earthenware pot at Lowe’s, and had Peanut choose a flat of small flowers at the garden center.  (I know succulents would have been easier, but I thought flowers would be more fairyish.  It’s almost a certainty that I’ll live to regret this decision.)


Peanut chose a flat of small purple-pink blooms and I talked up the fairy garden nonstop, telling her how much the fairies were going to love the flowers and how fun it would be for them to play in the garden.


The day after Peanut and I planted our patio garden, I brought her outside again to plant the fairy garden.  I had ready the pot, which I pre-filled with potting soil, a little wire fence, and the plants – the purple flowers and some rosemary that we didn’t have room for in the herb pot.  Rosemary = fairy pine tree.



Peanut had fun “helping” me aerate the soil, and then together we potted the flowers and rosemary.  And guess what?  While we were sleeping that night…


The fairies moved in!  Looks like they brought themselves a garden bench and a bunch of potting tools.  I wonder what they’re growing…? 😉

Peanut is really enjoying the fairy garden.  The biggest challenge, so far, has been convincing her not to touch the little toadstools.  I thought she’d be after the fairies’ garden rake, but nope, it’s the toadstools she wants.  I think I’ve finally convinced her that if we fiddle with the fairies’ garden, they may not come back.  Every so often I move the garden tools around and then make a big deal out of it (since Peanut is too little to really notice unless I point it out to her).  I loved doing this project with Peanut – it was relatively quick and easy, and now we enjoy the garden on our kitchen table and every day we talk about what the fairies might be up to when we’re not watching.  And just like that, there’s a little bit more magic in our house.

Have you planted a fairy garden?


7 thoughts on “Bringing Magic Inside with a Fairy Garden

    • Thanks! We had so much fun putting it together. I can’t believe I never thought of or heard about this idea before!

    • Thanks! It was a lot of fun to create, and now I’m on the hunt for more ways to bring a little more magic into the house. 🙂

  1. That looks absolutely beautiful! I would love to have a fairy garden myself, but I doubt I’d get all the supplies for the same here. 😦

    I love that you got purple-pink flowers for the garden instead of succulents. And rosemary too. Very, very fairy-like indeed. 🙂

    • Thanks! I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get some fairy accessories where you are. I ordered mine from Etsy, and while I know that each seller has their own shipping policies, quite a few of them do ship internationally. You never know! Sadly I think “the fairies” may plant succulents in their garden soon. It seems I’ve over-watered the fairy garden and the flowers aren’t looking too good – and the rosemary has turned from a fairy pine tree into a creeping vine that is taking over the kitchen table. I’m giving the soil a few days to dry out and then will introduce some water again, but if the flowers don’t perk up I may have to change to succulents. They sure are a lot easier to care for… although not as fairy-like…

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