It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (September 7, 2015)


It’s Labor Day!  Happy holiday weekend to my friends in the U.S., and happy new week to the rest of the world!  Here in Buffalo we are busy giving summer a good send-off.  Saturday was a bit blah (not weather-wise, but just doings-wise; we are potty training so we haven’t been going too far from home recently) but yesterday we did get out to the Food Trucks and Fire Trucks festival in East Aurora.  We had a yummy dinner from food trucks (including Lloyd’s Taco Truck, my favorite!) and then Peanut got the chance to climb around some of the East Aurora fire department vehicles.  Today we’re headed out for a last summer hike before we turn our attention to fall and fall things.

As far as reading goes, I had a bit of a brain freeze on Friday.  All week I’d been plugging away at The Fellowship, and I figured that a three day weekend was just the ticket to finishing it.  I’m sure I would have too, except for reasons best known to, well, nobody, I took the book out of my work tote and put it on the bookshelf in my office on Friday… and left it there.  And since I wasn’t about to make a trip into the office just to get a book – on a long weekend, no less! – The Fellowship is still lingering on my “currently reading” list.  But it wasn’t a total loss as far as reading weekends go – far from it.  Even without The Fellowship I made good progress on my library books.  I had two seven day books out – Malice at the Palace (the new Her Royal Spyness mystery) and Kitchens of the Great Midwest – and I blew through them both.  Both were great, but I especially loved Malice at the Palace.  A visit with Georgie is always a joy.  Now that I’ve checked off my two waiting pool books, I’ve started The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, and it’s fantastic.  I can already tell that I’ll be buying a copy.

Reading goals for this week: finish The Fellowship, FINALLY – it’s due back to the library on Friday – as well as Lovelace and Babbage.  And then I’m not sure what I’m going to read next.  I have a couple of parenting books checked out from the library that I really need to get to sooner than later, so I may tackle one of those.  Or a new comic?  And I’m sure I will also be starting The Custom of the Country for our Edith Wharton readalong (sign up by dropping a comment on this post if you haven’t yet!)… so many good books to read, so little time!

I have a fun week coming up here, too.  On Wednesday I’ll show you a super cool hike that we did with our friends Zan and Paul back in August, and on Friday the second day of our all-too-brief visit to D.C. on our way to the Outer Banks in July!  Slowly but surely, we’re catching up here.

Hope you have a great week, my friends!  What are you reading?

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