The Summer List: Final (Super Belated) Update


I’m writing this post with a cup of hot tea by my side and the new Salman Rushdie novel waiting for when I finish drafting.  ‘Tis the season of darkening skies, falling leaves, howling winds, hot beverages and long books, blankets and baking.  Summer feels like it both just ended and like it has been gone for a long time.  And while this feels completely ridiculous – it’s almost November! – I’m going to force a final update of my summer list, and next week I’m going to share a fall list (with several items I’ve already done, but whatever).  Anyway, before any more time passes and makes this post even more self-indulgent, here is the final result of my summer to-do list, in all its absurdly late glory:


  • Keep enjoying my maternity leave and bonding time with Nugget.  Done, and this was the best and most important thing I did this summer.  Having the time at home to bond with my little fella was so special, and I will cherish the memories we made forever.


  • Take a family vacation to the beach!  Done!  We had such a great time in DC and the Outer Banks this summer.  What fun to share a week of sun and sand and surf with the whole family – especially my brother and sister-in-law.  I wish we saw them a lot more than we do.


  • Hike to the Eternal Flame.  Done!  Checked this quintessential Buffalo hike off our WNY to-do list.  It was gorgeous and one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in the area.  What made it even better was getting to hike with our friends Zan and Paul, who are some of our favorite people in Buffalo.


  • Celebrate TEN YEARS of marriage!  Done!  I can’t believe that our wedding was an entire decade ago.  We’ve had so many adventures since then, and we have so many more to come.  I’m lucky that I get to experience life alongside my best friend.  Here’s to many, many more decades of fun and laughter to come.


  • Continue our monthly hiking project and take our summer stroll through Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve.  Still on track with this goal, and loving it!  In June we hiked in Sprague Brook Park, which is now my favorite local family hike.  In July we were able to do my very favorite hike in the entire world – Great Falls National Park in northern Virginia!  We used to hike there at least once a month, back when we lived in the DC area, and I still miss it so much.  August was another great hike – our Eternal Flame visit!  And we made it to Reinstein Woods as well, on Labor Day weekend.  I love getting out and experiencing nature with my family.  I hope Peanut and Nugget grow to love the outdoors as much as their parents do!
  • Invest in the East Aurora Cooperative Market.  For a few reasons, we decided not to do this.
  • Do some small home projects.  I didn’t do much around the house over the summer – oh, well.  I was too busy cuddling my little man and having fun with my family.  Now that the weather has gotten cool and rainy, we’ve found new inspiration to get things done, and we’ve been churning through house projects over the past few weeks.  But I can’t call this a summer accomplishment.
  • Re-read Jane of Lantern Hill.  Didn’t get to my planned visit with Jane.  Another time.


  • Participate in #BlumeAlong in June and July, and finally join in the Austen in August fun!  Did both of these!  I loved reading along with #BlumeAlong, and I let my nerd flag fly for Austen in August.  What a blast both events were!  Thanks to Kerry and Adam, respectively, for hosting.
  • Start our playroom re-do.  Another one that I can’t call a summer achievement, but we have actually gotten started on this project since the weather turned to fall.  Can’t wait to cover the ugly brown paint with nice clean white.

So!  Not too shabby.  Considering that I spent most of the summer in a fog of sleep deprivation, I’m going to pat myself on the back a little bit and tell myself, Self: good job.  The main thing I wanted was a fun family summer, and I got exactly that.  Some good reading in there too.  And lots of fresh air.  I’ll call that a success.  And with that we’ll end this completely self-indulgent post and look ahead: next week, a (better late than never, and at least before Halloween) fall list!

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