Reinstein Woods: Fall 2015


Here we go – our final seasonal hike at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve!  (Slowly, slowly, I’m catching up to 2016 – of course, by the time I do catch finish recapping 2015 fun, I’ll have so many new things to tell you all about that I’ll never get there.  Well, I’m doing my best.)  Anyway, as longtime readers may remember, for the past two years we have been enjoying a family tradition of hiking in the same park at least once in each season, so we could see how our favorite places changed throughout the year.  In 2014 we did our seasonal hikes at Tifft Nature Preserve, and for 2015 we moved on over to Reinstein Woods!  It’s a lovely little pocket of wilderness not far from our old house, so it was nice and convenient.


We visited Reinstein on a lovely crisp day in November, the weekend before we headed out to Colorado for an extended Thanksgiving visit to my brother Dan and sister-in-law Danielle.  It was a perfect way to stretch our legs before a week of almost daily hiking.


I love the little ponds at Reinstein.  The water was sparkling – the park put on its prettiest face for our final seasonal walk there (although not our final walk ever – we’ll be back for sure).


Peanut, as you can see, was dressed in her most rugged attire.  What – don’t you hike in a pink tutu and glitter Mary Janes?



We strolled down the wooded path and out into this lovely clearing.  The wind was blowing the tall grasses so it looked like the field was dancing.  So beautiful!


I love hiking with my cuddle bug!  Nugget was cozy in the Ergo, snuggled up to me.  I’m so proud that we have made a point of getting him out and into nature since he was a brand new baby.  Both of my kids are growing up on the hiking trails, and I love it.


Until next time, Reinstein Woods!  You’re a small park, but you sure are a pretty one.

A few people have wanted to know if we are planning to do another round of seasonal hiking in 2016, and I think that we are.  Steve and I have talked about not being sure that it really fits with what 2016 is looking like for us – not that we won’t be hiking, because we absolutely will, but just that to set a goal to hike in one place multiple times over the course of an entire year is a lot of structure for where we are in our lives right now.  But we both agreed that we like this project, so I’m going to go ahead and say that we’re going to try to do a 2016 seasonal hiking project this year, and our goal park is – Sprague Brook!  I have loved Sprague Brook every time we have been there, and we both agreed it would be a fun one to hike seasonally.  Watch for a winter hike post coming soon!

Have you ever done a seasonal hiking project?

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