Nugget: Twelve Months


Oh, little buddy – beautiful little boy – you are ONE YEAR OLD today!  Hold me.  I can’t believe this year has already gone by.  A year ago at this time I was complaining about my hospital bed being periodically uncomfortable, and being told by the nurse, “That’s not the bed, that’s you, dear.”  Ha.


We have had quite a year.  We’ve traveled to the Outer Banks and the Rocky Mountains, spent more than two weeks (between the two trips) giving the kids lots of quality time with Uncle Dan and Aunt Danielle – and what a gift for Nugget in his first year of life – we’ve walked countless miles around East Aurora and on the hiking paths, and we’ve spent many afternoons dozing together in a patch of warm sunlight in Nugget’s rocking chair.  This little guy speaks to my heart in ways all his own.  Before he came I wondered – was my heart big enough to love another baby as completely as I love Peanut?  And the moment I looked at him for the first time, I knew: yes, yes, absolutely.  There is a place in my heart that is all Nugget’s, always has been, always will be.


And now here he is today, a big one-year-old.  He’s still a little dude – small for his age – but he is mighty.  I’m living in fear of the day that he rips the faucet out of Peanut’s play kitchen (it’s going to happen).  He’s pulling up and cruising all over the place now, climbing the stairs (y’all, there’s no fear quite like a one-year-old who climbs stairs), and generally wreaking havoc all over the house.  It’s chaos, and it’s so much fun.


What hasn’t changed this month?  Well, the obvious – this boy is still completely, wildly, all-consumingly in love with his sister.  His face lights up when she comes into the room, and he starts giggling as soon as she talks, or laughs, or even appears to notice him.  He lives for her, and she for him, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.  Of course, he’s a little brother.  So he also annoys the bejeezes out of her.


You know what he is not doing?  Eating table foods.  At this age, Peanut was snacking on all kinds of table foods in addition to her purees.  Nugget – not so much.  We offer them at every meal, and his teachers at daycare reinforce it, but it doesn’t matter what we offer – it pops right back out again.  I keep on telling myself that he’ll get the hang of it eventually, but so far, no joy.


(We did discover one table food that he’ll eat: frosting.  Last weekend we attended a birthday brunch for one of our closest friends here – the lovely mom of Peanut’s lovely BFF – and there were cupcakes.  And there was cupcake domination.  He even ate some of the cake.  So at least I know that tomorrow he’ll eat something at his birthday party.)


There have been a lot of things about this year that have been really tough.  A preschooler and a baby – that’s no joke.  Having two small children, who both need me very much, has put me through the wringer.  The long days and multiple night wake-ups have taken their toll for sure.  It’s been an adjustment for our family, our marriage, our friendships – you name it.  But it’s been so worth it.  This has been one of the hardest, most exhausting years of my life – but I wouldn’t trade it.  And while I have wished for a little more understanding, and a little more grace, from time to time this year, ultimately, we’ve survived and now we’re here, with a sweet, funny, joyful, absolutely miraculous little one-year-old that we couldn’t love more if we tried.  So it’s good.  It’s hard, but it’s very, very good.


Nugget at 12 (!!!) Months:

Weight: 18 pounds, 10.5 ounces.  And the funniest face ever when I weighed him.

Height: Forgot to take this one, but I’ll add it in on Monday after his well-baby appointment, sound good?

Clothing Size: Twelve months.


Sleep: I don’t have much to say this month.  Pretty much the same.  Still no naps to speak of (naps are for weaklings, you guys, weaklings), still waking up 1-2 times per night to eat.  (He may not be hungry, but it’s the easiest way for me to comfort him so we’re still nursing at night.)  We did have a few days of shenanigans because we swapped the kids’ rooms, for reasons that are way too complicated to get into in a short paragraph about sleep.  It took Nugget a few nights to get used to his new space, but he’s about back to his baseline now.  Which isn’t to say good sleep, but at least I can manage it.


Likes: Cruising, the play kitchen, the actual kitchen, his SISTER!, pointing at EVERYTHING, climbing stairs, climbing Mom, throwing puffs, being spoon fed pouch puree at exactly his preferred speed, watching cartoons whenever Mom is not being vigilant enough, having raspberries blown on his tummy.

Dislikes: Your normal baby stuff.  Having his clothes changed and his nose or face wiped.  (Bad news: it’s spring cold season.  There’s a lot of nose-wiping going on.)


Favorite Toys: Still loving cars and trucks.  We opened up a train set that he received for Christmas and that’s been a big hit, which is not surprising at all.  (Peanut loves it too.)  And still loving anything that is not a toy, especially – this month – whatever he can find on the floor and the lowest shelf of the pantry.  Especially the pretzel jar!  So fun!


Milestones: So many, again, this month.  Last month he was just beginning to pull up – now he’s cruising, pulling up on toy baskets and rooting around, dancing in place, and even starting to (very cautiously) let go and try to balance for a moment or two.  He’ll be walking before I know it.  He has a couple of words – aside from Mama and Dada we’ve heard “up” and “uh-oh.”  And as I said, he loves to climb stairs (Mom is less than thrilled about that one).  And a milestone Mom doesn’t love?  Nugget’s hair is starting to fill in and weigh itself down, which means that his signature rooster ‘do is all but tamed.  I’m going to miss that exuberant baby cowlick when it’s gone.


Quirks: Here’s one for the books – Nugget loves kitchens.  He likes Peanut’s play kitchen, our regular kitchen (dishwasher! pantry! pots and pans to bang!) and he can’t get enough of watching the guys make pizza at a wood-fired pizza place we found in our new neighborhood.  I’ve been joking that he’s going to grow up to be the next Bobby Flay.


Happiest of birthdays, baby boy!  You’ll always be my little sweet one.  Mommy and Daddy and Peanut love you more than you will ever know.  We’re sad to bid goodbye to the first year, but excited for all the good that is right around the corner.  You keep right on being you, growing so big and strong and amazing us every day.  We love you!

6 thoughts on “Nugget: Twelve Months

  1. Happy birthday, Nugget!! You look more like your dad’s mini holding the back of the chair than maybe any other picture I’ve seen–unreal! This year feels like it’s flown by. Love to all!

    • Thank you, Auntie Em! I know, it’s crazy how much he looks like Steve. I also think E is looking more and more like Grace these days… Y’all have some powerful genes!

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