It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (April 4, 2016)


Sorry for the late post today, guys.  I’m home sick with the dreaded stomach flu – we’re pretty sure Nugget brought it into the house this time, and Peanut got nailed too.  (So far Daddy is unscathed – fingers crossed he stays that way.)  It was the last thing I needed because last week was a doozy.  I like to post pictures of our weekend adventures for these posts, but today, nothing is quite as appropriate as the picture above – that was naptime on Tuesday.  Yes, Tuesday.  Steve left last Sunday (Easter – so sad) for a week-long business trip.  I was dreading it, because I was swamped at work and holding down the fort all on my own was going to be stressful no matter what.  Then, about three hours after dropping the kids off at school on Monday, I got a call from Peanut’s teacher – she had a fever and I had to come get her.  I retrieved her, took her home and reconciled myself to working from home while she watched Curious George.  Two hours later, I got another call – Nugget was getting the boot from his classroom, too.  And so began a week of downward spiraling into kid fever hell while trying to keep my head above water at work and juggling child care and two kids who were both plastered to my face every second.  I ended up cobbling together a Wednesday that included Grandpa (for Nugget) and a trip to my office (for Peanut) and finally got them both back to school on Tuesday.  Unsurprisingly, I was beat by Friday and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend – which didn’t happen.  Nugget was sick on Saturday, and Daddy had a headache, and then Peanut and I got hit with our current horror on Sunday.  And now I’ve gone on for way too long about what a miserable week it was.  Let’s just hope for something better this week.

the readers of broken wheelmen explain very british problems what is not yours

Given what a mess the week was, I’m kind of surprised that I read as much as I did.  I ended up polishing off The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend and reading most of What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours in bed while Peanut snuggled next to me at night, after we put Nugget down, as a way to both get extra reading time in and encourage Peanut to fall asleep a little earlier (and kick that fever).  As I wrote last week, I was underwhelmed by Broken Wheel.  I did end up really enjoying What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours – it was incredibly well-written and creative.  I didn’t find every story equally engaging, but that’s par for the course with me and short story collections (and one reason I don’t often pick them up).  I finished What Is Not Yours on Friday night and immediately plowed through Men Explain Things To Me, which was incredible and distressing and should be required reading for everyone.  (There are a couple of essays in there I really want Steve to read, but I returned it to the library; hopefully I can find the specific essays online.)  Then I started Jane Steele, which was the only other library book I’d brought home for the weekend, but almost immediately felt it wasn’t for me, at least not right now.  I may pick it up again in the future, but for now I was looking for something lighter (and less violent) so back to the library it went and I grabbed one of my birthday books – the absolutely hilarious Very British Problems – instead.  And polished that off in a day.

Up next in reading, I will have to return to my library book stack, but they’re all at work and I’m home moaning on the couch, so that will wait until tomorrow.  TV for me tonight, and then I think I’ll dive into Diary of a Provincial Lady, which I’ve been wanting to read for awhile and which I recently requested from the library closed stacks.  Can’t wait.

What are you reading this week?

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