It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (May 23, 2016)


Happy Monday before Memorial Day, friends!  The leaves have definitely arrived here in Buffalo – I’ve been waiting and waiting, but it’s officially summer.  Yes, I know it’s not officially officially summer until next Monday, but I’m calling it now.  It’s t-shirt and Toms weather, the birds and frogs are back in town, and the nights are light enough to read late into the evening.  We had a really lovely weekend.  Not a very productive one – I got next to none of my usual chores or errands done – but really lovely.  Saturday morning we had an event at the kids’ school – an annual thing that we look forward to all year.  Nugget attended last year but missed out on the fun (although I think he had an okay time snuggled up like a little bug in the Ergo) but this year he got into the action alongside his sister, and the cuteness was almost too much to handle.  On Sunday morning we went for a family hike to Reinstein Woods and since the weather was so nice and everyone was in such great moods, we decided to expand on the hike a little bit and check out some scenery we’d never experienced before.  It was a beautiful morning and we spotted a couple of woodpeckers in addition to the usual crew of ducks, geese and red-winged blackbirds.  This is the time of year that we’re on the trails almost every weekend, and I love it.

everyone brave forgiven heat and light

It might have been a productive week in some respects (plenty of fun was had, and I also got a major project off my desk at work, which felt great) but it wasn’t the heaviest reading week.  I finished Everyone Brave is Forgiven, which I liked but didn’t love.  There was a lot of language in it that made me uncomfortable, and some plot holes that just bugged me a little.  (But can you beat that cover?)  Then I turned to Heat & Light, Jennifer Haigh’s latest Bakerton book.  As established here on multiple occasions, I love Jennifer Haigh and I especially love her Bakerton books.  This one is just as well-written as the others, but it’s reading a little slowly for me.  I think that’s more a function of everything else that I have going on, and less a problem with the book, which is – as expected – wonderful.  Anyway, I’m enjoying it very much, and if it takes a little bit longer for me to get through, well, that’s okay; it’s just more time I get to spend in Bakerton.

On the blog this week: another hike to share with you on Wednesday, and May’s Diverse KidLit title on Friday.  Check back, and I do hope you enjoy both posts!

Steady on, my friends – next weekend is a holiday!  What are you reading this week?

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