It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (July 25, 2016)


Today starts a very big week around these parts.  Tomorrow is my last day at my current job, and I’ve got quite a few things to finish up over these last two days in the office – and then I’m looking forward to having some time on the margins, as my friend Katie recently mused about.  Of course, we’ll be busy closing things out here, then making the long trek home to Virginia, but I know that all the work we’re doing now will be so worth it once we’re on the other side.

This weekend was an extreme of highs and lows.  On Saturday, we threw an early fourth birthday party for Peanut.  Her birthday isn’t actually for another month, but we decided to squeeze in a party before we moved so that she could celebrate with her friends around her.  Being that it was the week before the move, plenty of folks questioned my sanity, but I intentionally didn’t go all out with the party.  We had a picnic near our favorite playground in our old stomping grounds of Elmwood Village – I didn’t even book anything; just threw down picnic blankets and hoped for the best.  It worked out great – the weather was perfect, we had a good mix of school friends, family friends and grandparents, and everyone had a wonderful time.  It was a darn near perfect day.  And then late Saturday night, I strained my back putting Nugget in his crib and spent most of Sunday in agony before my painkillers finally kicked in.  Moving week is not a good week for a back injury, so I’m hoping and praying that I will be able to stay on top of it.

belgraviamurder at the vicaragemurder is bad mannerswild strawberries

Between party-throwing on Saturday and being in a painkiller fog on Sunday, I didn’t get much reading done over the weekend, but I did somehow manage to finish three books and start another over the course of the past week.  Earlier in the week I finished Belgravia, which was classic Julian Fellowes – predictable, but fun.  I also reread The Murder at the Vicarage, my favorite Agatha Christie mystery, on audio this time via the Audible app.  It was a lot of fun approaching my long-beloved Agatha via a different format, and I had to fight the urge to sit in my car in the parking garage and listen instead of going into the office – ha!  On Friday night I finished up Murder is Bad Manners, my last library book, and with that I’m pleased to report that I’m down to Inbox Zero – no books checked out, no books on hold – at the library, just in time to reactivate my Fairfax County library card!  And since I have no library books out, I’ve dipped into a small stack of my own books that I’m reserving for the next few weeks of moving, vacation, and settling in before my shelves are set up in the new place – starting with Wild Strawberries, the second book in Angela Thirkell’s Chronicles of Barsetshire.  I’m only about thirty pages in so far, but I’m enjoying it (and how gorgeous is that cover?).

On the blog this week, my July pick for my Diverse KidLit series coming up on Wednesday, and a farewell to Buffalo on Friday – check back!

What are you reading this week, my friends?

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