It’s Halloween! What Are You Reading? (October 31, 2016)


Boo!  Mermaid and Fire Truck send you their spooky greetings and hope that you had a fabulous Halloweekend.  I loved seeing all of the creative (adult!) costumes that my friends have been posting on social media.  As for us, our Halloween was considerably more kid-focused this year – we have a certified Halloween-lover in the house.  Halloween is Peanut’s faaaaaaaavorite holiday.  Yes, more than Christmas.  So we’ve been going all out finding all the fun stuff to do around town.  On Saturday morning, we met up with Peanut’s BFF from her new school, S, and S’s family for a children’s party at one of the historic mansions in Old Town.  More on that coming on Friday, but it was a blast and the kids had a fantastic time.  Peanut loved running around in her mermaid costume and was so excited to see her friend outside of school, and Nugget’s morning was a huge success – he almost destroyed a centuries-old door knocker (but he didn’t! no historically important artifacts were harmed!), won the prize pumpkin (his prize was a stuffed bat) and left his fire truck costume alone all morning.  Winning!  On Sunday we’d hoped to trick-or-treat at Mount Vernon, but I misread the date.  So we ended up having a more low-key day – just walks around the neighborhood, to the waterfront, the library and the playground, and unpacking (the job that never ends) during afternoon nap.  It was a nice, simple weekend full of fun for the kiddos, and it was way too short.

to-the-bright-edge my-brilliant-friend

Had I had more time, I would have gotten more reading done, I’m sure.  The library situation is getting dire.  I have fifteen books currently checked out (although one, as mentioned last week maybe, is a book of Halloween poems that the kids are reading).  But fourteen books is a stretch even for me.  I did finish To the Bright Edge of the World last week, which was an endeavor not quite on the scale of the Alaskan trek depicted in the book, but still pretty darn daunting.  But it was an absolutely gorgeous book – exciting, heart-rending, and beautiful to look at (pictures!!!).  Then I picked up My Brilliant Friend for a second attempt at catching Ferrante fever.  I’m partway through now and am definitely starting to sink into Elena and Lila’s world – I hear it keeps on getting better.

Next up on the reading agenda, I’m excited to have The Fire This Time, a collection of essays on being black in America, edited by Jesmyn Ward.  I’ve been patiently waiting for about a month and my library copy has finally come in.  After that, who knows?  I’m not exactly lacking for choices right now, even if my library stack might actually fall over and kill me.

On the blog this week, I’ve got two round-ups coming to you!  WHAT?!  On Wednesday, I’ll have for you my October reading round-up.  I had a great month and read a lot of excellent diverse titles, so I’m looking forward to sharing that.  And on Friday, I’m catching up on fall fun with a giant photobomb of a post recapping apple picking, pumpkin picking and Halloween festivities.  It’s going to be epic, and if anyone but my mom makes it through the whole thing, I’ll eat my hat.

Happy Halloween, my friends!  What are you reading this week?

2 thoughts on “It’s Halloween! What Are You Reading? (October 31, 2016)

  1. They look adorable. I’m impressed that none of the leaves have changed on your trees (at least in that picture). As for reading, I haven’t had much time for it lately, but I’m in the middle of Phantom Tollbooth with my kiddos. It’s our “bus stop book” this week.

    • Thanks! They loved their costumes. And yup – green leaves through the end of October. They really start changing around early-mid November. The trees are on fire now! (Also, Phantom Tollbooth – love! A classic.)

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