It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (January 30, 2017)


WOW.  I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day of January.  How is 2017 already 1/12 over?  How can that be?  And yet it feels like we’ve lived several lifetimes in the last week alone.  But – I try hard to keep this a politics-free space, as challenging as that is becoming, so no more about You Know Who.  For now.  How were your weekends?  Mine was… okay.  Saturday started off dicey, when Nugget woke up at 4:45 with absolutely no intention of going back to sleep.  I tried bringing him into bed with us, despite having a 0% success rating on that tactic in the past – hope springs eternal.  We ended up dozing together in his rocking chair for about 90 minutes until sunrise.  Not a great start for Productivity Day, but I did my best.  We ran some errands in the morning – a haircut for Nugget, then the grocery store – and then I came home with the beginnings of a sore throat.  I worked (paying work, not house chores) while the kids napped, squeezed in a bit of a nap of my own, and then rallied for a family walk after they woke up, even though by then I felt horrible.  Swallowing was excruciating and I had a pounding headache on top of it.  I pushed through to their bedtimes and crashed on the couch at 8:00 – Saturday night and I know how to party.  I still felt kind of crummy on Sunday, but we saddled up and headed off to meet my friend Carly and her family at the zoo.  I figured my throat would hurt the same no matter where I was, so why ruin everyone else’s good time?  I started feeling a little better as the morning went on, and we got to see most of the coolest exhibits – the cheetahs were closed and we ran out of time to see my favorites, the lions, but we got in quality time with the sea lions, the bald eagle, the elephants, the pandas, the great apes (baby orangutan for the win!) the reptiles (Peanut’s on a snake kick, don’t ask me) and more.

notwithstanding the-little-white-horse the-making-of-a-marchioness

Reading.  I have gone full-steam into comfort reads this week.  They were the only thing I could bring myself to pick up.  Finished Notwithstanding: Stories of an English Village by the author of Corelli’s Mandolin on Wednesday (okay, but not great) and then – I couldn’t wait any longer – picked up my GORGEOUS Folio Society edition of The Little White Horse, a children’s classic I’d never read before.  (The picture above is of the edition I have.  It’s even more stunning in person.)  I devoured it and seriously considered flipping right back to the beginning and starting again, but chose instead to pick up another classic that was calling to me – The Making of a Marchioness, by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  FHB wrote one of my childhood favorites – The Secret Garden – but I’d never read any of her adult fiction.  How can that be?  Loving it so far.  The comfort reads are exactly what the doctor ordered – expect to see more of them, although I’ll have to turn back to my library stack soon.

Watching.  Not much of anything this week.  A few episodes of Rock the Park here and there, and some National Geographic animal videos with the kiddos after the zoo yesterday.  But I’ve been more inclined to my comfort reads.  Oh, and I can’t get enough of two videos I saw on Facebook – the Dutch “welcome” to Trump (I was weeping, it was so funny – “We built a whole ocean; nobody builds better oceans than we do”) and the Thug Notes discussion of Pride and Prejudice (hilarious and smart).

Listening.  Most of the week was devoted to Middlemarch on Audible.  (I’m down to a little over 16 hours of listening time left. Considering the book is over 35 hours, that means I’m past halfway – holla!)  Over the weekend I took a little break from Eliot and listened to part of The Great Courses: Money Management Skills, which I picked up for $2.95 after Anne Bogel featured it in her Great Kindle Deals email.  I’m about an hour in and finding it very interesting and informative.

Making.  A completed 2016 family yearbook – just finished yesterday!  Ordered and everything, thanks to a 50% off deal on Shutterfly.  The books are a big investment of time and money but, I think, totally worth it.  I love flipping through books from previous years, remembering all of our family adventures.

Blogging.  This week, I’m linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to answer the question of what’s saving my life lately on Wednesday, and sharing my winter list (only halfway through the winter!) on Friday.  Should be a fun week around these parts.

Loving.  I’ve been loving watching my social media feed explode with examples of people banding together to stand up and #RESIST the forces of hatred and bigotry.  Of course, I wish more than anything else that it wasn’t necessary – and I’ve been beyond ashamed of the government this past week; every act more disgusting and outrageous than the last – but I’m proud of everyone who has been protesting and speaking out.  These people work for US and we’re the boss, and I hope folks remember that at the polls.  I’m still looking for the best way to get involved myself – so far it’s taken the form mostly of donations to causes I believe in, and additional pro bono work – but I’d like to get more involved on the ground, so I’m working on that.

Asking.  What are you reading/watching/making/loving this week?

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